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闫 闻,王喜庆*,贾云鹤,付永凯,尤海波   

  1. 黑龙江省农业科学院园艺分院,哈尔滨 150069
  • 出版日期:2020-11-25 发布日期:2020-12-07
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Inheritance and Phenotypic Analysis of Small Seed Mutant in Watermelon

YAN Wen,WANG Xiqing*,JIA Yunhe,FU Yongkai,and YOU Haibo   

  1. Horticultural Branch of Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Harbin 150069,China
  • Online:2020-11-25 Published:2020-12-07

摘要: 实验中发现西瓜大粒种子自交系BW85和其小粒种子突变体F211,在授粉后7 ~ 11 d,种子的大小无显著差异,其中11 d的种子长度、宽度、鲜种子百粒质量和干种子百粒质量分别为7.93 mm、4.53 mm、4.23 g、0.32 g和8.26 mm、4.95 mm、4.54 g、0.30 g;在授粉后13 d,种子大小出现显著差异,种子长度、宽度、鲜种子百粒质量和干种子百粒质量分别为9.99 mm、6.12 mm、9.47 g、1.33 g和8.86 mm、5.32 mm、4.60 g、0.46 g。用石蜡切片的方法比较BW85与其突变体F211之间解剖结构差异,结果表明:授粉后15 d,突变体F211种子的表皮、皮下组织和厚壁组织的平均厚度分别为144.57 μm、130.53 μm、38.22 μm,均显著小于BW85的各组织厚度。对BW85(P1)与突变体F211(P2)构建的F1、F2、BC1P1和BC1 P2群体的遗传分析发现,F1和BC1P2群体均表现为与突变体相同的小粒种子性状,F2和BC1P1群体小粒种子植株与野生型大粒种子植株比例分别符合3︰1和1︰1分离比,表明该突变性状受1个显性主基因控制。

关键词: 西瓜, 种子大小, 突变体, 表型, 遗传

Abstract: In the experiment,no significant difference in the seed size of watermelon inbred line BW85 with larger seeds and its small seed ,mutant F211 was observed within 7–11 days after pollination(DAP),11 DAP,the seed length,seed width,100-seed fresh and dry weight were 7.93 mm,4.53 mm,4.23 g,0.32 g and 8.26 mm,4.95 mm,4.54 g,0.30 g,respectively;but from 13 DAP,a significant difference in seed size was detected,the seed length,seed width,100-seed fresh and dry weight were 9.99 mm,6.12 mm,9.47 g,1.33 g and 8.86 mm,5.32 mm,4.60 g,0.46 g,respectively. Inbred line BW85 and mutant F211 were used to determine any differences of the testa development using paraffin section method. The results showed that the epidermis,hypodermis and sclerenchyma thickness of mutant F211 seeds(144.57 μm,130.53 μm,38.22 μm)were significantly smaller than those of inbred line BW85 seeds after 15 DAP. Furthermore,genetic analysis showed that all the plants in F1 and BC1P2 populations had small seeds,while segregation ratios of 3︰1 and 1︰1 was observed in F2 and BC1P1 proportions. The ratio was consistent with classical Mendelian law of inheritance,indicating that production of small seeds was dominant,and was controlled by a single gene.

Key words: watermelon, seed size, mutant, phenotype, inheritance