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窦宏涛1,*,武云霞1,卢于绒1,詹  涛2,刘民强1,周  玲1   

  1. 1西安市农业技术推广中心,西安市农业科学研究所,西安 710061;2西安市长安区农业技术推广中心,西安 710100)
  • 出版日期:2020-12-27 发布日期:2020-12-30
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A New Netted Muskmelon Cultivar ‘Ximi 6’ Tolerant to Low Temperature and Poor Light

DOU Hongtao1,*,WU Yunxia1,LU Yurong1,ZHAN Tao2,LIU Minqiang1,and ZHOU Ling1   

  1. 1Xi’an Agricultural Techonogy Spreading Center,Xi’an Agricultural Science Research Institute,Xi’an 710061,China;2Chang’an Agricultural Techonogy Spreading Center,Xi’an 710100,China)
  • Online:2020-12-27 Published:2020-12-30

摘要: ‘西蜜6号’网纹甜瓜为杂交一代新品种。果实长椭圆形,单果质量1 000 ~ 1 300 g。果皮黄绿色,果面覆网纹,网纹细、稍稀、均匀。果肉橘色,厚3.8 cm,中心可溶性固形物含量15%,果肉脆。生育期100 ~ 102 d,果实发育期40 ~ 42 d。产量40 000 ~ 45 000 kg · hm-2。耐低温弱光,较抗霜霉病和白粉病,耐贮运。

关键词: 网纹甜瓜, 品种

Abstract: ‘Ximi 6’ is a new hybrid of netted muskmelon cultivar. Fruit is a long oval. The average fruit weight is 1 000–1 300 g. The pericarp is yellow-green with slightly sparse,fine and uniform netty streaks. The fresh is orange,crisp and 3.8 cm thick. The central soluble solids content is 15%. The whole fruit growth period is 100–102 d and fruit developing period is 40–42 d. The yield is 40 000–45 000 kg · hm-2. It is comparably tolerant to the low temperature and poor light,and resistant to downy mildew,powdery mildew and tolerant to storage.

Key words: netted muskmelon, cultivar