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  1. (1天津科润蔬菜研究所,蔬菜种质创新国家重点实验室,天津市蔬菜遗传育种企业重点实验室,天津 300384;2天津市设施农业研究所,天津 300170)
  • 出版日期:2018-12-27 发布日期:2018-12-27

A New Broccoli Hybrid‘Lingxiu 3’

LIU Lili1,JIANG Hanmin1,SHAN Xiaozheng1,YAO Xingwei1,WEN Zhenghua1,NIU Guobao1,ZHANG Xiaoli1,MA Yunsheng2,and SUN Deling1,*   

  1. (1Tianjin Kernel Vegetable Research Institute,Key Laboratory of Vegetable Germplasm Resources Innovation,Tianjin Key Laboratory of Vegetable Genetics and Breeding,Tianjin 300384,China;2Tianjin Institute of Facilities Agriculture,Tianjin 300170,China)
  • Online:2018-12-27 Published:2018-12-27

摘要: ‘领秀3号’青花菜是以细胞质雄性不育系CMS-LF-81为母本,自交系10J-38为父本配制而成的杂交一代秋中熟新品种。植株生长旺盛,株高60 cm,株展65 cm。叶片长椭圆形,深绿色,蜡粉多。主花球半球形,花球紧密,蕾色深绿,蕾粒中小均匀,无小叶,不易空心,商品性好,花蕾遇低温不变紫。单球质量0.55 kg,栽培密度40 500株 ? hm-2,产量22 500 kg ? hm-2。秋季从定植到采收约80 d,春季约为60 d,保鲜和速冻加工兼用。抗黑腐病、霜霉病,易于栽培。适合华北地区春、秋季栽培。

关键词: 青花菜, 中熟, 品种

Abstract: ‘Lingxiu 3’is a new mid-maturing broccoli F1 hybrid inbred by female parent sterile line CMS-LF-81 and male parent 10J-38.‘Lingxiu 3’has vigorous plant. Its plant height is 60 cm,expansion is 65 cm with long oval,dark green,thick wax leaves. Its curd is hemisphere shaped with dark green,head with small buds and no leafy,no hollow stem. The flower buds will not turn purple at low temperature. Its single head weight is about 0.55 kg,the optimal density was 40 500 strains ? hm-2 and its total yield is 22 500 kg ? hm-2. It takes about 80 d from transplanting to harvest in autumn and about 60 d in spring. Its fits fresh-keeping and quick-frozen procossing. It has good resistance to black rot and downy mildew,is easy to grow and easy cultivation. The cultivar suits to be planted in North of China in spring and autumn.

Key words: broccoli, middle maturity, cultivar