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  1. 1北京市农林科学院蔬菜研究中心,北京 100097;2江苏省农业科学院蔬菜研究所,南京 210014
  • 出版日期:2015-07-25 发布日期:2015-07-25
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A New Red Onion Cultivar‘Purple Star’

LIANG Yi, ZHANG Hong-Wei, YAN Ji-Yong, ZENG Ai-Song, LI Jian-Qi   

  1. 1Beijing Vegetable Research Center,Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences,Beijing 100097,China;2Institute of Vegetable Crops,Jiangsu Academy of Agriculture Sciences,Nanjing 210014,China
  • Online:2015-07-25 Published:2015-07-25

摘要: ‘紫星’洋葱是以‘意大利红’(Italian Red)为母本,‘陕西高桩红皮’为父本杂交后,经过连续6代系统选育而成的新品种,属中日照、中早熟类型,生育期230 d。鳞茎厚扁球形,球形指数0.70,鳞茎外皮深紫红色,内部鳞片浅紫色,辛辣味淡,口感脆甜,品质好;平均单球质量316 g,产量79 700 kg ? hm-2,高抗紫斑病、霜霉病。适宜中日照中南部地区秋播早夏收露地栽培。

关键词: 洋葱, 品种

Abstract: A new dark-purple onion cultivar‘Purple Star’was bred by seperating F1 of‘Italian Red’crossing‘Shaanxi Gaozhuang Hongpi’and through systematic selection for six generations. It is a middle-day onion with early-mid maturity and the bulbs can be harvested in 230 days from sowing. The bulb is typically thick-flat globe shaped with dark-purple color and its SI is 0.70. The bulbs are moderate pungency,sweet taste,crisp texture and good quality. The average weight of single bulb is 316 g. The average yield is about 79 700 kg ? hm-2. The cultivar shows high resistance to purple blotch,downy mildew. It is suitable for open field of autumn sowing and early-summer harevesting in middle and south part of middle-day area.

Key words: onion, cultivar