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  1. (1北京林业大学园林学院,花卉种质创新与分子育种北京市重点实验室,国家花卉工程技术研究中心,城乡生态环境北京实验室,林木花卉遗传育种教育部重点实验室,北京100083;2北京林业大学林木分子设计育种高精尖创新中心,北京100083)
  • 出版日期:2019-12-27 发布日期:2019-12-27

A New Chrysanthemum Cultivar‘Fukan Fanxing’

YUAN Cunquan1 and ZHANG Qixiang1,2,*   

  1. (1Beijing Key Laboratory of Ornamental Plants Germplasm Innovation & Molecular Breeding,National Engineering Research Center for Floriculture,Beijing Laboratory of Urban and Rural Ecological Environment,Key Laboratory of Genetics and Breeding in Forest Trees and Ornamental Plants of Ministry of Education,School of Landscape Architecture,Beijing Forestry University,Beijing 100083,China;2Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Tree Breeding by Molecular Design,Beijing Forestry University,Beijing 100083,China)
  • Online:2019-12-27 Published:2019-12-27

摘要: 地被菊(Chrysanthemum morifolium)‘伏看繁星’是以‘红贵’为母本,以‘15-2 OP优6’为父本,杂交选育出的低矮紧凑型新品种。株高32 ~ 40 cm,冠幅45 ~ 53 cm,分枝多且紧凑,株形圆整,自然生长呈半球状。舌状小花内侧主要颜色为淡黄色(Yellow group 11B),有红紫色(Red purple 67C)斑点和条纹分布。抗倒伏能力强,着花繁密,整个生长期均未出现冠幅中心表土裸露现象。自然花期在10月初至10月下旬。适合华北地区大部、西北地区中部及辽宁南部等区域栽培应用。

关键词: 菊花, 杂交, 抗倒伏, 品种

Abstract: Chrysanthemum morifolium‘Fukan Fanxing’is derived from the hybrid progenies of C. morifolium‘Honggui’as the female parent and C. morifolium‘15-2 OP You 6’as the male parent,which is compacted and can be used as garden landscaping and potting. The plant is low,with a plant height of 32–40 cm and crown of 45–53 cm. It has many branches. It does not need to be trimmed and grows in a hemispherical shape. The main color of the inner part of the ray floret is yellowish(Yellow group 11B). The inside of the small flower has Red purple 67C spot and stripe distribution. The flowers are dense. The surface of the crown is not exposed during the whole growth period,and it is characterized by lodging resistance. The natural flowering period is from early October to late October. The most suitable growth areas are most of the North China region,the central part of the northwestern region and the southern part of Liaoning Province.

Key words: Chrysanthemum morifolium, hybridization, lodging resistance, cultivar