Acta Horticulturae Sinica ›› 2022, Vol. 49 ›› Issue (S2): 39-40.doi: 10.16420/j.issn.0513-353x.2022-0477

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A Late-ripening Seedless Grape Cultivar‘Hongfeng Wuhe’

SHI Xiaoxin1,DU Guoqiang1,*,YANG Lili2,QIAO Yuelian1,HUANG Chengli3,WANG Suyue1,ZHAO Yuexin4,WEI Xiaohui1,WANG Li1,and QI Xiangli1   

  1. 1College of Horticulture,Hebei Agricultural University,Baoding,Hebei 071001,China;2Shijiazhuang Fruit Research Institute,Hebei Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences,Shijiazhuang 050051,China;3Huangjia Winery,Dingzhou, Hebei 073000,China;4Hebei Desheng Agriculture and Forestry Technology Group,Dingzhou,Hebei 073000,China
  • Online:2022-11-26 Published:2022-12-06

Abstract: ‘Hongfeng Wuhe’,a triploid late-ripening table grape cultivar,was derived from‘Sweet Scarlet’בKyoho’via an embryo rescue process. The clusters have big sizes with 930.2 g on average. Berries are oval-shaped with bright red color. The natural weight of a single berry is 6.1 g. Applying gibberellic acid after the berry set could increase its weight up to 12.4 g. The pulp is soft and medium juicy with 18.9% soluble solids and 0.5% titratable acid content. The natural seedless rate of the berry is 98.7%. The berry has a large probability of early fruiting and high yield levels with approximately 30 000 kg • hm-2 in normal years. The berries mature in late September in Dingzhou,Hebei Province. Its disease resistance is similar to that of‘Kyoho’grape.

Key words: grape, table grape, triploid, seedless, late-ripening, cultivar

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