Acta Horticulturae Sinica ›› 2022, Vol. 49 ›› Issue (11): 2419-2430.doi: 10.16420/j.issn.0513-353x.2021-0720

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Effects of Film Mulching on Improving Fruit Quality of Ponkan and Possible Mechanisms

ZENG Yike1, SHI Ying1, CHEN Siyi2, LI Guojing2, HUANG Xianbiao2, XIE Zongzhou1, LI Chunlong1, GUO Dayong1,*(), LIU Jihong1,*   

  1. 1Key Laboratory of Horticultural Plant Biology,College of Horticulture and Forestry Sciences,Huazhong Agricultural University,Wuhan 430070,China
    2Technology Promotion Center of Dangyang Special Agricultural Industry,Dangyang,Hubei 444100,China
  • Received:2022-06-22 Revised:2022-07-13 Online:2022-11-25 Published:2022-11-25
  • Contact: GUO Dayong,LIU Jihong


In the current study the effects of film mulching above the soil on sugar and acid content and peel color of Citrus reticulata‘Egan 1’ fruit and the possible molecular mechanisms were investigated. The results showed that film mulching could significantly increase the content of total soluble solids in the fruits,with the most prominent increase being detected in sucrose content. Film mulching promoted coloring of Ponkan fruits at an earlier stage,leading to more reddish peel at ripening. However,the contents of titratable acid and citric acid were not dramatically altered by film mulching. Six sucrose synthetase genes(CrSUS1-CrSUS6)and five sucrose phosphate synthetase genes(CrSPS1-CrSPS4a/b)were identified by analyzing the released genome of C. reticulata. Gene expression analysis showed that film mulching significantly up-regulated some of the CrSUS and CrSPS genes. In addition,film mulching increased activity of the SUS enzyme involved in sucrose synthesis,but decreased the one associated with sucrose decomposition. In conclusion,film mulching enhanced the synthesis of soluble sugars and increased the content of sugars by inducing the expression of SUS and SPS genes in Ponkan fruits. Meanwhile,film mulching effectively elevated the ratio of total soluble solids/titratable acid,leading to better flavor,and stimulated fruit coloring,which demonstrated that it has an obviously positive effect on improving fruit quality.

Key words: ponkan, Citrus reticulata, film mulching, fruit quality, total soluble solids, titratable acids, fruit color, sucrose metabolism

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