园艺学报 ›› 2008, Vol. 35 ›› Issue (2): 310-310.

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  1. (安徽农业大学果树学重点实验室,安徽合肥 230036)
  • 收稿日期:2007-10-10 修回日期:2007-12-03 出版日期:2008-02-25 发布日期:2008-02-25
  • 通讯作者: 朱立武

A New Early Maturing Plum Cultivar 'Annongmeili' With Large Fruit Size

ZHU Li-wu   

  1. (The Key Laboratory of Pomology, Anhui Agricultural Univesity, Hefei, Anhui 230036, China)
  • Received:2007-10-10 Revised:2007-12-03 Online:2008-02-25 Published:2008-02-25
  • Contact: ZHU Li-wu

摘要: ‘安农美李’是通过自然实生选种选育出的李新品种,成熟早、果实大、品质优、外观美。平均单果质量100~120 g,最大180 g,可溶性固形物12.0 %~15.7 %,可溶性糖10.0 %~13.5 %,可滴定酸1.15 %~1.63 %,维生素C 59.5~90.8 mg/kg。果实生育期85~90 d。常温下果实可贮藏7~10 d。植株抗细菌性穿孔病,丰产性强。

关键词: 李, 品种, 早熟

Abstract: ‘Annongmeili’ was a new early maturing cultivar with large fruit size, nice appearance and good quality which was selected from the occasional seedlings of Prunus salicina Lindl. The average fruit weight was 100-120 g, soluble solid substance content 12.0 %-15.7 %, soluble sugar 10.0 %-13.5 %, titrated acid content 1.15 %-1.63 %, and vitamin C content 59.5-90.8 mg/kg. The fruit development period was about 85-90 days and its post-harvest storage time could last 7-10 days at room temperature. It was productive and resistant to plum bacterial shot hole caused by Xanthomonas campstris.

Key words: plum, cultivar, early maturing