园艺学报 ›› 2005, Vol. 32 ›› Issue (02): 249-255.

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张立阳1, 2;张凤兰1;王美1;刘秀村1;赵岫云1;薛林宝2   

  1. (1 北京市农林科学院蔬菜研究中心, 北京100089; 2 扬州大学农学院园艺系, 扬州225009)
  • 收稿日期:2004-06-02 修回日期:2004-10-16 出版日期:2005-04-25 发布日期:2005-04-25
  • 通讯作者: 张凤兰

A Linkage Map Construction for Chinese Cabbage Based on AFLP, SSR, RAPD and Isozyme Markers Using DH Population

Zhang Liyang1, 2;Zhang Fenglan1;Wang Mei 1;Liu Xiucun1;Zhao Xiuyun1;Xue Linbao2   

  1. (1 National Engineering Research Center for Vegetables, Beijing 100089, China; 2Horticultural Department, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou 225009, China)
  • Received:2004-06-02 Revised:2004-10-16 Online:2005-04-25 Published:2005-04-25
  • Contact: Zhang Fenlan

摘要: 以大白菜高抗TuMV白心株系91-112和高感TuMV桔红心株系T12-19为亲本建立的小孢子培养DH系作为图谱构建群体, 构建了包含10 个连锁群、406 个标记位点的分子连锁图谱, 图谱总长度826.3 cM, 标记间的平均图距为2.0 cM, 连锁群数目和染色体数相等。每个连锁群上的标记数在7~111个之间, 连锁群的长度在26.4~156.1 cM的范围内, 平均图距在1.0~3.8 cM之间。该连锁图谱包括246个AFLP标记、135个RAPD标记、11个SSR标记和12个同工酶标记、1个SCAR标记和1个形态标记。

关键词: 大白菜, 分子标记, 遗传图谱, DH群体

Abstract: A molecular genetic map for Chinese cabbage was constructed based on AFLP (Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism) , RAPD (Random Amplified Polymorphism DNA) , SSR ( Simple Sequence Repeat) and isozyme markers. Marker analysis was performed on 100 randomly chosen DH lines obtained by
microspore culture from the F1 between two homozygous parents: 91-112 and T12-19. 406 markers including 246 AFLP markers, 135 RAPD markers, 11 SSR markers, 12 isozyme markers, 1 SCAR and 1 morphological marker were integrated into 10 group s using JoinMap 310. It covered 826.3 cM with a mean marker interval of 2.0 cM. Number ofmarkers included in linkage group s varied from 7 to 111, mean marker interval distance from 1.0 cM to 3.8 cM and the length of linkage group s from 26.4 cM to 156.1 cM individually. A total of 45.0% distorted markers distributed in the map. The molecular genetic map constructed in this study would be useful in gene localization, comparative genomes research and QTL mapping of important agronomic traits for Chinese cabbage.

Key words: Chinese cabbage, Molecular marker, Genetic linkage map, Double haploid (DH)