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李兰英1,王 强2,龚雪蛟1,刘东娜1,尧 渝1,王迎春1,胥亚琼1,罗 凡1,*   

  1. 1四川省农业科学院茶叶研究所,成都 610066;2平昌县茶果产业发展局,四川巴中 636400
  • 出版日期:2022-11-26 发布日期:2022-12-07
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A New Camellia sinensis Cultivar‘Ganlu 1’

LI Lanying1,WANG Qiang2,GONG Xuejiao1,LIU Dongna1,YAO Yu1,WANG Yingchun1,XU Yaqiong1,and LUO Fan1,*   

  1. 1Tea Research Institute, Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Chengdu 610066,China;2Tea and Fruit Industry Development Bureau,Pingchang County,Bazhong,Sichuan 636400,China
  • Online:2022-11-26 Published:2022-12-07

摘要: ‘甘露1号’是从野生四川中小叶茶树群体种中,经单株选择、系统选育而成的新品种。属灌木型,中叶类,新梢色泽黄绿,具有发芽特早、发芽整齐、芽形肥壮、产量高、品质优等特点。内含物丰富,茶多酚含量21.70%、氨基酸含量4.20%、咖啡碱含量4.10%、水浸出物含量50.40%、儿茶素含量14.27%,适制绿茶、红茶、黑茶和白茶等茶类,尤其适宜加工蒙顶甘露等卷曲型名茶,加工的卷曲型名茶外形紧细,满披白毫,香气嫩香带花香,汤色嫩绿明亮,滋味鲜爽甘甜,叶底嫩黄成朵。抗寒、抗旱、抗病虫性较强,适宜在与四川具有相似气候条件的茶区种植推广。

关键词: 茶树, 特早生, 优质, 品种

Abstract: ‘Ganlu 1’is a good tea cultivar which was selected from individual plant of the wild Sichuan small and medium leaf tea population through single plant selection and systematic breeding. The cultivar is a shrub type,with middle leaves and yellow-green shoots. It has the characteristics such as exrta-early and evenly sprouting,strong bud shape,high yield and excellent quality. It has abundant components. The tea polyphenols,amino acids,caffeine,water extracts,and catechins contents were 21.70%,4.20%,4.10%,50.40%,and 14.27%,respectively. It is suitable for making green tea,black tea,dark tea and white tea. It is especially suitable for processing famous curly teas such as Mengding-ganlu. The processed curly teas are compact and thin in shape,tender and fragrant with floral fragrance,bright green soup color,fresh and sweet taste,and tender yellow in infused leaves. It has strong resistance to cold,drought,disease and insect. It is suitable for planting and promotion in tea areas with similar climatic conditions in Sichuan.

Key words: Camellia sinensis, exrta-early sprouting, high quality, cultivar