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彭玉辅1,2,欧阳雪灵1,2,叶 川1,2,陈华玲1,2,彭 勇1,2,王国行1,2,孔令普1,2,乐 俊1,2,彭火辉1,2,*   

  1. 1江西省蚕桑茶叶研究所,南昌 330202;2江西省经济作物研究所,南昌 330202
  • 出版日期:2022-11-26 发布日期:2022-12-07
  • 基金资助:

A New Acer cordatum Cultivar‘Huoyan’

PENG Yufu1,2,OUYANG Xueling1,2,YE Chuan1,2,CHEN Hualing1,2,PENG Yong1,2,WANG Guohang1,2,KONG Lingpu1,2,LE Jun1,2,and PENG Huohui1,2,*   

  1. 1Jiangxi Institute of Sericulture and Tea,Nanchang 330202,China;2Jiangxi Institute of Economic Crops,Nanchang 330202,China
  • Online:2022-11-26 Published:2022-12-07

摘要: 紫果槭新品种‘火焰’是由江西省宜春市靖安县三爪仑山区发现1株野生紫果槭(Acer cordatum)培育出来的观赏品种。相比原生种,该品种嫩叶呈红色;10月下旬叶片开始逐渐转色,完全变色后呈鲜红色,最佳观叶期在11月上旬,红叶期25 ~ 30 d。

关键词: 紫果槭, 红叶, 观赏, 品种

Abstract: A new Acer cordatum cultivar‘Huoyan’with colorful leaves was selected from the natural community of Sanzhualun in Jing’an County,Yichun City,Jiangxi Province. Compared with the original species,tender leaf of‘Huoyan’are red. The leaves gradually turn red in late October and become bright red when the discoloration period is completed. The optimum ornamental period for the‘Huoyan’leaves is in early November,lasting for 25–30 days.

Key words: Acer cordatum, red leaf, ornament, cultivar