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  1. 1廊坊市农林科学院,河北廊坊 065000;2廊坊市莲韵苑湿地生态研究所,河北廊坊 065000
  • 出版日期:2022-11-26 发布日期:2022-12-07

A New Ornamental Lotus Cultivar‘Longfu zhi Guang’

JI Jianbin1,*,LI Qingqing1,ZHAO Gangsheng1,and CUI Jianping2   

  1. 1Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences,Langfang,Hebei 065000,China;2Lianyunyuan Wetland Ecological Research Institute,Langfang,Hebei 065000,China
  • Online:2022-11-26 Published:2022-12-07
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摘要: 观赏荷花‘隆福之光’是由‘剑舞’自然授粉的实生后代中选育出的新品种。中株型,立叶高78 ~ 99 cm,叶长径27 ~ 33 cm,短径18 ~ 22 cm;开花繁密,单盆开花23 ~ 27朵,花高57 ~ 115 cm,花径12 ~ 17 cm,花瓣136 ~ 148枚;花复色,瓣尖淡紫红色,中部淡黄色,下部极淡黄色。雌蕊全部泡状或全瓣化,雄蕊大部分瓣化,不结实。

关键词: 荷花, 品种

Abstract: The ornamental lotus‘Longfu zhi Guang’was selectet from the open pollinated descendants of‘Jianwu’. The plant belongs to medium-sized plant type. The leaf height of 78–99 cm. The leaf diameter is 27–33 cm × 18–22 cm. The flowers are dense with 23–27 flowers in a single pot. The flower height is 57–115 cm,and the flower diameter is 12–17 cm. There are 136 to 148 petals in a flower. The flower is multicolored,the tip is light purple red,the middle is light yellow,and the base is very light yellow. The pistil are completely petalized,and most of the stamens are petalized. It is fruitless.

Key words: lotus, cultivar