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  1. (浙江大学农业与生物技术学院园艺系,杭州 310058)
  • 出版日期:2017-09-25 发布日期:2017-09-25

Advances in Regeneration and Genetic Transformation of Rosaceae Fruit Trees

LI Kunkun and XU Changjie*   

  1. (Department of Horticulture,College of Agriculture and Biotechnology,Zhejiang University,Hangzhou 310058,China)
  • Online:2017-09-25 Published:2017-09-25

摘要: 蔷薇科果树在世界果品生产中占据重要地位。近年来,蔷薇科果树离体再生和遗传转化研究取得了较大进展,在较大的树种上均有报道,但对于离体再生与遗传转化体系的主要影响因素和技术参数细节等缺少系统总结。从离体再生途径、离体再生影响因素、遗传转化概况、农杆菌介导的遗传转化体系影响因素等方面进行了重点总结,对未来研究趋势和热点进行了展望。

关键词: 果树, 蔷薇科, 离体再生, 遗传转化, 影响因素

Abstract: Rosaceae fruits are very important for fruit production in China and worldwide. Recently,significant advances in regeneration and genetic transformation of Rosaceae have been achieved and applied to various Rosaceae trees and fruits. However,the factors affecting the process of regeneration and transformation have not been reviewed in detail. This paper reviews recent progress in the regeneration pathway,factors affecting regeneration,genetically modified species and main traits,and the factors affecting Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation. The differences between species of Rosaceae fruits are emphasized,and the trends and areas for future studies are highlighted.

Key words: Rosaceae fruit tree, regeneration, genetic transformation, affecting factor