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张慧琴*,楼国荣,陆玲鸿,古咸彬,宋根华,谢 鸣   

  1. 浙江省农业科学院园艺研究所,杭州 310021
  • 出版日期:2022-11-26 发布日期:2022-12-06
  • 基金资助:

A New Yellow-fleshed Kiwifruit Cultivar‘Jinyi’

ZHANG Huiqin*,LOU Guorong,LU Linghong,GU Xianbin,SONG Genhua,and XIE Ming   

  1. Institute of Horticulture,Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Hangzhou 310021,China
  • Online:2022-11-26 Published:2022-12-06

摘要: ‘金义’是从中华猕猴桃自然杂交后代中选育出的四倍体黄肉猕猴桃新品种。在浙江金华地区果实采收期为10月上旬。果实圆柱形,平均单果质量110 g,软熟时果肉黄色,高甜,味浓,可溶性固形物含量15.6% ~ 22.1%,总糖含量11.8% ~ 13.6%,总酸含量(以柠檬酸计)12.32 ~ 15.26 g ∙ kg-1,维生素C含量1.28 ~ 1.56 mg ∙ g-1FW。树体较抗溃疡病。丰产稳产,嫁接苗第4年平均产量15 300 kg ∙ hm-2。

关键词: 猕猴桃, 中华猕猴桃, 黄肉, 品种

Abstract: ‘Jinyi’kiwifruit is a yellow-fleshed tetraploid cultivar selected from seedlings of Actinidia chinensis natural cross. Its fruit matures in early October in Jinghua,Zhejiang Province. The fruit are cylinder with average weight of 110 g. The flesh is golden-yellow,juicy and sweet. The flesh has a fine texture with aromatic taste. The content of soluble solids is 15.6%–22.1%,total sugars is 11.8%–13.6%,total acids is 12.32–15.26 g ∙ kg-1 and vitamin C is 1.28–1.56 mg ∙ g-1 fresh weight.‘Jinyi’is resistant to bacterial canker. It has high and stable yield,and the output is 15 300 kg • hm-2 at the fourth year after grafting.

Key words: kiwifruit, Actinidia chinensis, yellow-fleshed, cultivar