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朱宏爱1,*,王智课1,朱晚爱2,刘 朋3   

  1. (1怀化市葛老哥农业有限责任公司,湖南怀化 418000;2辰溪县潭湾中学,湖南辰溪 419500;3中国科学院亚热带农业生态研究所,长沙 410000)
  • 出版日期:2020-12-27 发布日期:2020-12-30

A New Pomelo Cultivar‘Laoge Jinyou’

ZHU Hongai1,*,WANG Zhike1,ZHU Wanai2,and LIU Peng3   

  1. (1Huaihua Ge Laoge Agriculture Co.,Ltd,Huaihua,Hunan 418000,China;2Tanwan Middle School of Chenxi County,Chenxi,Hunan 419500,China;3Institute of Subtropical Agriculture,the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Changsha 410000,China)
  • Online:2020-12-27 Published:2020-12-30

摘要: ‘老哥金柚’是从‘安江早香柚’优良芽变中选育出的新品种。树姿开张,树势强,枝梢较密,坐果力强。果实卵圆形,果皮浅黄色,果面油胞突出,果肉脆嫩无渣,香气浓,平均单果质量1 213.0 g。少核或无核,含可溶性固形物14.3%、可滴定酸0.32%、维生素C 0.468 mg · g-1。10月中旬果实成熟。丰产、稳产,初果期产量约18 900 kg · hm-2,盛果期约47 100 kg · hm-2。抗逆性强。

关键词: 柚, 品种

Abstract: ‘Laoge Jinyou’,a new shaddock cultivar,originated from a bud mutation of‘Anjiang Zaoxiangyou’. The cultivar is growing well,with dense branches and strong fruit bearing capacity. The fruit is oval. The peel is light yellow,and the fruit surface has prominent oil cells. The flesh is crisp and tender without residue,with strong fragrance. The average single fruit weight is about 1 213.0 g. Little or no seed. The soluble solid content is 14.3%,titratable acid content is 0.32%,vitamin C content is 0.468 mg • g-1. The fruits ripen in mid-October. The cultivar has strong resistance,high and stable yield. In initial fruit stage,the yield was 18 900 kg • hm-2,and in full fruit stage the yield was 47 100 kg • hm-2.

Key words: pomelo, cultivar