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刘 涛,王萍萍,何红红,梁国平,卢世雄,陈佰鸿,毛 娟*   

  1. 甘肃农业大学园艺学院,兰州 730070
  • 出版日期:2020-01-25 发布日期:2020-01-25
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Identification and Expression Analysis of CIPK Gene Family in Strawberry

LIU Tao,WANG Pingping,HE Honghong,LIANG Guoping,LU Shixiong,CHEN Baihong,and MAO Juan*   

  1. College of Horticulture,Gansu Agricultural University,Lanzhou 730070,China
  • Online:2020-01-25 Published:2020-01-25

摘要: 从拟南芥数据库中获得CIPK基因家族注册号,运用生物信息学分析的方法,在蔷薇科森林草莓(Fragaria vesca)数据库中得到CIPK基因家族成员19个,可分为6个亚族。该基因家族分布在草莓7条染色体中的6条上。其编码蛋白的氨基酸数157 ~ 1 196,理论等电点3.91 ~ 9.34,分子量18 667.68 ~ 133 714.31 D。基因结构分析表明,有11条基因只有1个外显子,其余基因外显子数2 ~ 15。亚细胞定位结果表明,该基因家族成员主要在细胞质、细胞核和叶绿体上表达。蛋白质二级结构预测表明,该基因家族成员主要以α–螺旋、β–转角和不规则卷曲为主。对上游2 kb区域启动子顺式作用元件分析表明,该基因家族成员对逆境胁迫应答MYB响应明显,除FvCIPK02、FvCIPK15、FvCIPK17外,其他基因均对脱落酸应答元件ABRE响应明显。qRT-PCR数据分析表明,FvCIPK16、FvCIPK10和FvCIPK09分别在PEG、ABA和NaCl处理下,草莓试管苗中的相对表达量最高,分别是对照的18.4倍、29倍、13倍,说明FvCIPK16强响应干旱胁迫,FvCIPK10强响应ABA诱导,FvCIPK09强响应高盐胁迫;另外发现各处理的FvCIPK03相对表达量均下调,推测FvCIPK03在植物逆境胁迫中起负调节作用。

关键词: 草莓, CIPK基因家族, qRT-PCR, 生物信息学分析

Abstract: The Arabidopsis CIPK gene family registration numbers were obtained from the Database,and 19 CIPK gene family members were obtained from the Fragaria vesca database by bioinformatics analysis,which were divided into six subfamilies:A–E. The six subfamilies were distributed on 6 of the 7 chromosomes of strawberry. By analyzing physicochemical properties,we found that the number of encoded amino acids is ranged from 157 to 1 196,the theoretical isoelectric point is covered from 3.91 to 9.34 and the molecular weight is distributed from 18 667.68 to 133 714.31 D. Meanwhile,there are 11 genes that have only one exon,the others have 2–15 exons through genes structure analysis. The CIPK gene family were mainly expressed on the cytoplasm,nucleus and chloroplast during subcellular localization analysis of the gene family members. Moreover,the prediction of secondary structure indicated that the members of the gene family mainly consisted of α-helix,β-turn and irregular curl. Additionally,analysis of the cis-acting element of the upstream 2 kb promoter sequence found that the members of the gene family contained stress response MYB element. Except for FvCIPK02,FvCIPK15 and FvCIPK17,all genes contained the abscisic acid(ABA)response element(ABRE). The qRT-PCR analysis showed that the FvCIPK16,FvCIPK10 and FvCIPK09 had the highest expression under PEG,ABA and NaCl,respectively,about 18.4 times,29 times and 13 times more than the control,which indicated that FvCIPK16 responded strongly to drought stress,FvCIPK10 strongly responded to ABA induction,and FvCIPK09 strongly responded to high salt stress. In addition,the relative expression of FvCIPK03 was down-regulated under each treatment,then we can speculate that FvCIPK03 play a negative regulatory role in plant stress.

Key words: strawberry, CIPK gene family, qRT-PCR, bioinformatics analysis.