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杨学东*,田守波*,朱为民,卢盼玲,王 虹,王 颖,张 辉**,朱龙英**   

  1. 上海市农业科学院园艺研究所,上海市设施园艺技术重点实验室,上海 201403
  • 出版日期:2018-06-25 发布日期:2018-06-25
  • 基金资助:

Tomato Double Mutant of Histone Variant Gene was Obtained and its Function Research

YANG Xuedong*,TIAN Shoubo*,ZHU Weimin,LU Panling,WANG Hong,WANG Ying,ZHANG Hui**,and ZHU Longying**   

  1. The Protected Horticulture Institute,Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Shanghai Key Laboratory of Protected Horticulture Technology,Shanghai 201403,China
  • Online:2018-06-25 Published:2018-06-25

摘要: 以番茄自交系1479为材料,利用基因编辑技术创制番茄组蛋白变体H2A.Z基因双突变体hta11hta9。测序结果表明番茄H2A.Z基因被敲除。发芽试验结果表明组蛋白基因H2A.Z双突变体hta11hta9种子萌发受到严重影响。在相对低温(17 ℃)下,H2A.Z基因双突变体生长明显比野生型迟缓。

关键词: 番茄, 基因编辑, 组蛋白变体

Abstract: Using tomato inbred line 1 479 as the material,a double mutant of H2A.Z gene of histone variant hta11hta9 was obtained by gene editing technique. Sequencing analysis showed that the tomato H2A.Z gene was knocked out. The results of germination experiment showed that H2A.Z double mutant hta11hta9 had a serious effect on seed germination. The growth of H2A.Z double mutant hta11hta9 was obviously slower than wild type under the relative low temperature of 17 ℃.

Key words: tomato, gene editing, histone variant