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魏永赞1,胡福初2,郑雪文1,石胜友1,董 晨1,王 弋1,李伟才1,*   

  1. 1 农业部热带果树生物学重点实验室,中国热带农业科学院南亚热带作物研究所,广东湛江 524091;2 海南省热带
    果树生物学重点实验室,海南省农业科学院热带果树研究所,海口 571100
  • 出版日期:2017-07-25 发布日期:2017-07-25

The Molecular Mechanism of the Impacts of Illumination on Litchi Fruit Coloration and Anthocyanin Biosynthesis

WEI Yongzan1,HU Fuchu2,ZHENG Xuewen1,SHI Shengyou1,DONG Chen1,WANG Yi1,and LI Weicai1,*   

  1. 1Key Laboratory of Tropical Fruit Biology(Ministry of Agriculture,P.R. China),The South Subtropical Crops Research
    Institute,Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences,Zhanjiang,Guangdong 524091,China;2 Key Laboratory
    of Tropical Fruit Tree Biology of Hainan Province,Institute of Tropical Fruit Trees,Hainan Academy of Agricultural
    Sciences,Haikou 571100,China
  • Online:2017-07-25 Published:2017-07-25


以‘桂味’荔枝为试材,花后45 d 用双层牛皮纸对整个果穗进行完全遮光处理,14 d 后(采
收前7 d)解除遮光,比较遮光和解除遮光处理果皮着色以及花色素苷生物合成途径中LcUFGT 等8 个结
构基因和调控基因LcMYB 表达的变化,探索光照调控荔枝果实花色素苷合成和着色的分子机制。研究发
成,7 d 后呈现荔枝典型的红色;遮光处理抑制了花色素苷生物合成途径中LcUFGT 等8 个重要结构基因
和调控基因LcMYB1 的正常表达;解除遮光后LcUFGT 和LcMYB1 等基因的表达量均有不同程度的增加,
其中LcDFR、LcF3'H、LcUFGT 和LcMYB1 的表达与花色素苷含量的变化规律基本一致。可见,荔枝果
其中LcDFR、LcF3'H、LcUFGT 和LcMYB1 可能在光照调控荔枝果实色泽形成中扮演更为重要的角色。

关键词: 荔枝, 光照, 着色, 花色素苷, 结构基因, MYB 转录因子


The effects of bagging and debagging treatments on fruit coloration and anthocyanin
biosynthesis were explored,and the molecular mechanism of light regulating anthocyanin biosynthesis was
discussed. In this study,litchi‘Guiwei’was used as material to investigate the effects of light on fruit
coloration and expressions of structural genes and MYB transcription factor in anthocyanin biosynthetic
pathway by shading fruit panicles with double-layer kraft paper bag and debagging at one week before harvest. Anthocyanin biosynthesis was suppressed completely,and all the tested structural genes and MYB
transcription factor were down-regulated in the pericarp of bagged fruits. After bag removal,the content of
anthocyanin in pericarp increased rapidly within a week. All genes tested were up-regulated after exposure
to light during fruit maturation and coloration,but the peaks of their expressions occurred at different
period. Among the genes tested,the expressions of LcDFR,LcF3'H,LcUFGT,and LcMYB1 were
paralleled with the pericarp anthocyanin accumulation. These results suggested that illumination was essential
for expression of the anthocyanin biosynthetic genes and therefore pigmentation. LcDFR,LcF3'H,
LcUFGT and LcMYB1 might play important roles in process of light regulating anthocyanin biosynthesis.

Key words: litchi, light, fruit coloration, anthocyanin, structural gene, MYB transcription factor