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  1. (上海市资源植物功能基因组学重点实验室,中国科学院上海辰山植物科学研究中心,上海辰山植物园,上海 201602)
  • 出版日期:2019-12-27 发布日期:2019-12-27

A New Cultivar of Ornamental Lotus‘Da Huangfeng’

LIU Fengluan and TIAN Daike*   

  1. (Shanghai Key Laboratory of Plant Functional Genomics and Resources,Shanghai Chenshan Plant Science Research Center,the Chinese Academy of Science,Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden,Shanghai 201602,China)
  • Online:2019-12-27 Published:2019-12-27

摘要: 观赏荷花‘大黄蜂’为人工杂交选育而成的单瓣、淡黄色、植株中大型的新品种,母本为亚美杂交莲‘艾江南’,父本为瓣形狭长的美洲莲实生苗‘DP23’。在0.6 m2池栽条件下株高约100 cm,叶片大小25 ~ 43 cm × 23 ~ 37 cm。每池着花9 ~ 14朵,花柄高100 ~ 160 cm,显著高于叶面。花径26 ~ 29 cm,花被片24 ~ 25枚。青熟莲蓬伞形或扁球形,地下茎正常膨大呈长筒状。长江流域栽培花期6—8月。

关键词: 荷花, 黄色花朵, 杂交育种, 品种

Abstract: Nelumbo‘Da Huangfeng’,a new cultivar of ornamental lotus,was bred from Nelumbo ‘Ai Jiangnan’(Asian-American hybrid)× N. lutea‘DP23’(a narrow petalled)by artificial hybridization. When planted in 0.6 m2 pot,‘Da Huangfeng’is a medium-large(100 cm high)plant with slight yellow and single flower. Leaf area is 25–43 cm × 23–37 cm,flower density is 9–14 per pot and flower stalk is 100–160 cm high,which is higher than that of leaf. The number of flower petals is 24–25 and its flower diameter could reach 26–29 cm. The green-ripening receptacle is umbel or oblate shaped. The rhizomes expand cylindrically. The new cultivar blooms from June to August in the Yangtze River region of China.

Key words: lotus, yellow flower, cross breeding, cultivar