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  1. 1中国农业科学院蔬菜花卉研究所,农业部园艺作物生物学与种质创制重点实验室,北京 100081;2上海辰山植物园(中国科学院上海辰山植物科学研究中心),上海 201602)
  • 出版日期:2020-12-27 发布日期:2020-12-30
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Study on Test Guideline of Distinctness,Uniformity and Stability for Salvia

CHENG Xiaodan1,*,WEI Yukun2,*,HUANG Yanbo2,SHI Chunyu1,CI Huiting1,WANG Shunli1,**,and ZHANG Xiuxin1,**   

  1. 1Key Laboratory of Biology and Genetic Improvement of Horticultural Crops,Ministry of Agriculture,China;Institute of Vegetables and Flowers,Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Beijing 100081,China;2Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden/Shanghai Chenshan Plant Science Research Center,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Shanghai 201602,China)
  • Online:2020-12-27 Published:2020-12-30

摘要: 以国际植物新品种保护联盟(UPOV)指南(TG/361/1)为主要参考指导,遵循植物品种特异性(可区别性)、一致性和稳定性测试技术规范,收集并测试了鼠尾草属22份材料,最终确定47个测试性状,在UPOV指南基础上增加了1个性状,重新定义了2个性状,调整了10个性状的表达状态和5个性状的观测方法,并对部分测量细节进行了调整。本指南适用于观赏型鼠尾草属植物(已发布测试指南的一串红和丹参除外)测试。13个数量性状可将测试鼠尾草属植物聚为3支,参与测试的林地鼠尾草及其栽培品种均聚在第1支,表明该指南测试数据可靠,可对鼠尾草属新品种判定起重要作用。

关键词: 鼠尾草属, DUS测试, 指南研制, 聚类分析

Abstract: Test guideline of distinctness,uniformity and stability(DUS)for Salvia L. was developed referred to the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties(UPOV)of Plants’s guideline(TG/361/1),and followed technical specification of the plant variety specific(discriminatory),consistency and stability testing. After collecting and testing 22 Salvia plant materials,47 test characteristics were finally determined. Based on the UPOV guidelines,one characteristic was added,two characteristics were redefined,the expression status of 10 characteristics and the method of observation of 5 characteristics were adjusted,and some measurement details were adjusted. This guideline is suitable for testing ornamental Salvia L.(except for Salvia splendens Ker-Gawleror and Salvia miltiorrhiza which guidelines have been published). All the tested species could be clustered into 3 groups by 13 quantitative characteristics,and all the tested S. nemorosa cultivars were clustered in group 1. It was suggested that these 13 quantitative characteristics were useful for judging distinctness for Salvia L.

Key words: Salvia, DUS test, guide development, cluster analysis