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兰彦平1,*,刘国彬1,兰卫宗1,王乐乐1,曹庆昌1,曹 均1,王 乔2,李 敏2,周连第1,朱暖林2   

  1. (1北京市农林科学院农业综合发展研究所,北京 100097;2北京市房山区园林绿化局,北京 102488)
  • 收稿日期:2014-04-14 出版日期:2014-08-25 发布日期:2014-08-25
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A New Chestnut Cultivar‘Liangxiang 1’

LAN Yan-ping1,*,LIU Guo-bin1,LAN Wei-zong1,WANG Le-le1,CAO Qing-chang1,CAO Jun1,WANG Qiao2,LI Min2,ZHOU Lian-di1,and ZHU Nuan-lin2   

  1. (1Institute of Agricultural Integrated Development,Beijing Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences,Beijing 100097,China;2Fangshan Bureau of Landscape and Forestry,Beijing 102488,China)
  • Received:2014-04-14 Online:2014-08-25 Published:2014-08-25

摘要: ‘良乡1号’是经实生选优获得的早实、丰产、中熟、适宜炒食的板栗新品种。总苞椭圆形,平均每总苞含坚果2.7粒;坚果椭圆形,单粒质量8.2 ~ 11.2 g。坚果褐色,果面光滑,果肉乳白色,风味甜,品质上等;果肉含水量46.2%,总糖12.3%,淀粉47.5%,粗纤维1.7%,脂肪0.9%,蛋白质4.1%,果实发育期100 d,北京地区9月中旬成熟。

关键词: 板栗, 品种

Abstract: ‘Liangxiang 1’is a new elite cultivar selected from Chinese chestnut natural population growing in Fangshan area which belongs to Taihang Mount,with superior qualities such as early fruiting,high and stable yield,and especially suitable for stir-frying. The bur is oval in sharp,in which contains 2.7 nuts equally. Each nut is 8.2 g to 11.2 g in weight,with brown and smooth skin and milk white kernel,which is sweet and sticky when stir fried. The content of water,total sugar,starch,crude fiber,fats and protein in the fresh are 46.2%,12.3%,47.5%,1.7%,0.9% and 4.1% individually.‘Liangxiang 1’has the fruit growth period of 100 d,which can be harvested in middle-September.

Key words: chestnut, cultivar