园艺学报 ›› 2018, Vol. 45 ›› Issue (S2): 2807-2808.doi: 10.16420/j.issn.0513-353x.2018-0443

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吴 倩1,2,张会金3,田 洁1,4,王晓晗1,2,张 玲1,4,王亮生1,2,*   

  1. (1中国科学院植物研究所北方资源植物重点实验室,北京 100093;2中国科学院大学现代农业科学学院,北京 100049;3中国科学院植物研究所北京植物园,北京 100093;4南京农业大学园艺学院,南京 210095)
  • 出版日期:2018-12-27 发布日期:2018-12-27

A New Cultivar of Waterlily‘Fen Ma Nao’

WU Qian1,2,ZHANG Huijin3,TIAN Jie1,4,WANG Xiaohan1,2,ZHANG Ling1,4,and WANG Liangsheng1,2,*   

  1. (1Key Laboratory of Plant Resources,Institute of Botany,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100093,China;2College of Advanced Agricultural Sciences,University of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100049,China;3Beijing Botanical Garden,Institute of Botany,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100093,China;4College of Horticulture,Nanjing Agricultural University,Nanjing 210095,China)
  • Online:2018-12-27 Published:2018-12-27

摘要: ‘粉玛瑙’是以睡莲品种‘紫外线’为母本,以‘普林夫人’为父本,经人工杂交选育而成的新品种。中型植株。花半重瓣,放射状星形。花瓣尖部为淡红紫色,基部为黄白色,32 ~ 36枚。花径12.0 ~ 13.8 cm,花柄超出水面12.0 ~ 14.2 cm,萼片4枚。叶面紫褐色,卵圆形,边缘具不规则锯齿,叶径24.3 ~ 25.0 cm × 21.6 ~ 22.3 cm。属于热带睡莲,北方地区不可室外越冬。

关键词: 睡莲, 品种

Abstract: The new cultivar of waterlily‘Fen Ma Nao’was bred by hybridization using‘Ultra Violet’as mother plant and‘Mrs George H. Pring’as father plant. This cultivar is distinguished from others by its novel colors of flowers and leaves. It is a medium-sized plant,with semi-double flowers of stellate-star shape,pink color with white bottom of its petals,petal number is 32–36,4 sepals. The flower diameter is 12.0–13.8 cm,the emergence height above water is 12.0–14.2 cm. The leaves color is greyed-purple. Its diameter is 24.3–25.0 cm × 21.6–22.3 cm with ovate shape,and has irregular dentation in margins. ‘Fen Ma Nao’is a tropical waterlily,and it cannot cross the winter naturally in the north of China.

Key words: waterlily, cultivar