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任雪松*,宋洪元,司 军,李成琼,宋 明   

  1. (西南大学园艺园林学院;重庆市蔬菜学重点试验室;南方山地园艺学教育部重点实验室,重庆 400716)
  • 出版日期:2016-06-25 发布日期:2016-06-25

A New Cabbage Cultivar‘Xiyuan 16’

REN Xue-song*,SONG Hong-yuan,SI Jun,LI Cheng-qiong,and SONG Ming   

  1. (Chongqing Key Laboratory of Olericulture,Key Laboratory of Horticulture Science for Southern Mountainous Regions,Ministry of Education,Chongqing,College of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture,Southwest University,Chongqing 400716,China)
  • Online:2016-06-25 Published:2016-06-25


‘西园16号’甘蓝是以优良自交不亲和系2011B3为母本,自交不亲和系2011214为父本配制的一代杂种。中晚熟,从定植到收获100 d左右。单球质量2.1 kg左右,叶球扁圆形,紧实,耐裂球,品质优良,球叶维生素C含量0.335 mg · g-1,纤维素含量7 mg · g-1,可溶性固形物含量6.7%。耐根肿病。产量约61.5 t · hm-2。适宜重庆、四川等地区作冬甘蓝栽培。

关键词: 甘蓝, 品种


Xiyuan 16is a new cabbage F1 hybrid developed by crossing self-incompatible line 2011B3 with self-incompatible line 2011214. It is middle-late maturingabout 100 days from planting to harvest. The head is flat round and compactwith good quality and head splitting resistance. The content of vitamin C is 0.335 mg · g-1fibre is 7 mg · g-1the solube solids concent is 6.7%. It is tolerant of clubroot. The average head weight is about 2.1 kg and the yield is 61.5 t · hm-2. The cultivar is suitable to be planted for winter cabbage in Chongqing and Sichuang Province.

Key words: cabbage, cultivar