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李凯荣 张胜利 李晓军   

  1. (西北农林科技大学资源环境学院,杨凌712100)
  • 收稿日期:2002-03-28 修回日期:2003-10-14 出版日期:2003-12-25 发布日期:2003-12-25

The Efect of Natural Brassinofide on the W ater Contents and the PhotosyntheticRate of W alnut Leaves

Li Kaimng,Zhang Shengli,and Li Xiaojtin   

  1. (College ofRe~oli-og and Environment,Northwest Sci—tech University ofAgriculture and Forestry,Yangling 712100,China)
  • Received:2002-03-28 Revised:2003-10-14 Online:2003-12-25 Published:2003-12-25

摘要: :用不同浓度的天然油菜素内酯喷施核桃叶面,增加了叶片含水量、相对含水量、自由水和临
光合作用。在不同浓度的处理中,0.30 nag·L 的处理效果最好,与对照相比,叶片含水量、相对含水量、
自由水含量和临界饱和亏分别提高厂9.6% 、16.1% 、7.9%和26.8% , 自然饱和亏和需水程度分别降低了
9.0%和24.5% ,蒸腾强度在中午(13:30)降低了32.7% ,细胞膜透性和伤害率分别降低了2.5%和7.1%,
叶绿素总量增加了310.3% ,光合速率提高了444.9%。

关键词: 核桃, 天然油菜素内酯, 叶片, 水分状况, 光合速率

Abstract: To provide the theoretical basis on walnut cultivation, the water contents an d the photosynthetic
rate of walnut leaves were studied after the leaves were treated with natural brassinolide. The experiment Was set up
as a randomized complete design th three replicates.The research results showed that after walnut leaves were
sprayed with diferent concentration of natural brassinolide, leaf water content, relative water content, free water
content an d critical saturation deficit were increased. Natural saturation deficit, the degree of water requirement,
the rate of transpiration,cell membrane penetration and injury rate were decreased,and chlorophyl content and
the rate of photosyn thesis were raised.The efect of0.30 mg‘L一 on walnut among the diferent concentrations of
the natural brassinolide Was the most obvious.Compared with control, leaf water content, relative water content,
free water content and critical saturation deficit were increased by 9.6% . 16.1% ,7.9% and 26.8% respective.
1v.Th e natural saturation deficit an d the degree of water requirement were reduced by 9.0% an d 24.5% .Th e rate
of transpiration at 1:30 P.m.was cut down by 32.7% .The cel membrane penetration and injury rate were
dropped by 2.5% and 7.1% . T0tal chlorophyl content an d the rate of photosyn thesis were increased by 310.3%
an d 444.9% .

Key words: Natural brassinolide, Walnut, l_eaves, Water content, The rate of photosyn thesis