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  1. (扬州大学农学院,扬州225009)
  • 收稿日期:2002-12-26 修回日期:2003-05-17 出版日期:2003-12-25 发布日期:2003-12-25

Studies of Ultrastructure on the M orphological Character on Ginkgo Pollen

Ling Yuping   

  1. (Agricuhural College of yn, ou University,Yangzhou 225009,China)
  • Received:2002-12-26 Revised:2003-05-17 Online:2003-12-25 Published:2003-12-25

摘要: 对银杏雄株花粉扫描和透射电子显微镜观测发现:(1)银杏花粉粒在干燥条件下为舟形,吸
成,两者交界处有明显的瘤状突起,分类上属于NPC系统中NnP1C 类型; (2)花粉的表面纹饰为瘤状纹
饰,有光滑型、粗糙型和中问型; (3)花粉外壁为具覆盖层外壁(厚度0.75 0.82/an)和薄壁萌发区域
11.28 /an,坐落赤道轴附近,排列方向与赤道轴平行,为2一细胞型花粉。(5)花粉为具多环孔,属于内萌

关键词: 银杏, 超微结构

Abstract: Ginkgo pollen iS scanned and transmitted under electronics microscope an d something iS foun d:
(1)The ginkgo pollen grain form,for the boat shape under the dry condition,it is back for the oval to inhale water,
and it is compose of two parts,the sprouting thin-wall construction (occupying about 40% of total area)and
the ectotheca with overburden(occupying about 60% of total area), and both border land have clear warty evection.
The form is NoP1C1 type in NPC system on the classification. (2)The warty ornamentation polen has the
three kinds,Smooth type,rough type and I-type. (3)The uhrastmcture of polen under the electronics microscope
shows:The ectotheca ofginkgo polen is composed oftwo part,the sprouting thin-wall construction(0.23—
0.28/an in thickness)and overburden(0.75—0.82 pan in thickness).The overburden in border land of them iseleadv

thicken to warty eveetion. The lacuna among the baculums is linked together with milipore. Th e sclerench~

ana of overburden, spreads when inhaling water and uncovers sprouting part, an d systoles when losing water
and covers sprouting part partly,which preserves the sprouting part. (4)Th e only reproduction cell, famess,
l0.32一l1.28 lan in length,is 2-cellular type. It is nearby situated the equatorial axis, an d parallel th it in
align. (5)Th ere are polycyclic pores on the pollen,which is sprouting organ inside the polen.Th en sprouting
orgall with overburden is folded.

Key words: Ginkgo, Ultrastructure