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陈素传1,*,季琳琳1,吴志辉2,常 君3,陶汝鹏2,汪小进4   

  1. (1安徽省林业科学研究院,合肥 230031;2宁国市林业局,安徽宁国 242300;3中国林业科学研究院亚热带林业研究所,杭州 311400;4安徽省林业调查规划院,合肥 230601)
  • 出版日期:2021-11-30 发布日期:2021-12-10

A New Carya cathayensis Cultivar‘Ningguo Shanhetao 3’with Large Nut

CHEN Suchuan1,*,JI Linlin1,WU Zhihui2,CHANG Jun3,TAO Rupeng2,and WANG Xiaojin4   

  1. (1Anhui Academy of Forestry,Hefei 230031,China;2Forestry Bureau of Ningguo City,Ningguo,Anhui 242300,China;3Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry,Chinese Academy of Forestry,Hangzhou 311400,China;4Anhui Forestry Investigation and Planning,Hefei 230601,China)
  • Online:2021-11-30 Published:2021-12-10

摘要: ‘宁国山核桃3号’是从安徽省宁国市山核桃实生群体中选育出的大果型新品种。平均坚果质量6.95 g,横径3.49 cm,纵径3.50 cm,比当地其它山核桃品种大54%。鲜出籽率34.6%;种仁含脂肪67.4%,粗蛋白6.79 mg • g-1,油酸72.9 mg • g-1。坚果产量2 203.5 kg • hm-2。

关键词: 山核桃, 大果

Abstract: ‘Ningguo Shanhetao 3’is a new Carya cathayensis cultivar which was selected from wild resources of Carya cathayensis in Ningguo City,Anhui Province. The average nut weight is 6.95 g,54% higher than that of other. The transverse diameter of nut is 3.49 cm,and the longitudinal diameter of nut is 3.50 cm. The fresh seed rates is 34.6% .The fat content of nut kernel is 67.4%,the protein content is 6.79 mg • g-1,the oleic acid content is 72.9 mg • g-1. The average production is 2 203.5 kg • hm-2.

Key words: Carya cathayensis, large nut