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黄志楠,段伟科*,白雪滢,周 怡,祝梦全,刘思勤,鞠 佳,潘国庆   

  1. 淮阴工学院生命科学与食品工程学院,江苏淮安 223003
  • 出版日期:2020-11-25 发布日期:2020-12-07
  • 基金资助:

Identification,Phylogenetic Evolution and Expression Analysis of NAT Gene Family in Pepper

HUANG Zhinan,DUAN Weike*,BAI Xueying,ZHOU Yi,ZHU Mengquan,LIU Siqin,JU Jia,and PAN Guoqing   

  1. College of Life Sciences and Food Engineering,Huaiyin Institute of Technology,Huaian,Jiangsu 223003,China
  • Online:2020-11-25 Published:2020-12-07

摘要: 利用生物信息学手段,在辣椒‘遵辣1号’中鉴定到12个碱基–抗坏血酸转运蛋白(NAT)基因,命名为CaNAT01 ~ CaNAT12,它们不均等的分布在7条染色体上,片段复制和串联复制是其扩增的原因。CaNATs包含多个跨膜结构域,等电点主要集中在8.39 ~ 10.15。系统进化分析发现植物中的NAT起源于D亚组基因,后经过分化,在双子叶植物中稳定存在4个亚组,C亚组基因间的核苷酸差异最小,在进化过程中最保守,CaNATs在这4个亚组均有不同分布。辣椒NAT家族基因具有明显的组织表达差异性,部分基因在根、茎以及果实发育过程中具有重要的调控作用。在低温、高温、干旱和盐胁迫下通过qRT-PCR分析发现CaNATs具有不同程度的响应,对低温和高温具有较强的响应。

关键词: 辣椒, NAT基因家族, 系统进化, 表达分析

Abstract: In this study,total of 12 NAT(Nucleobase-Ascorbate Transporter)gene family members,named CaNAT01 to CaNAT12,were identified from pepper‘Zunla-1’(Capsicum annuum)by bioinformatics analysis. CaNATs were unevenly distributed on seven chromosomes and occurred segmental duplication tandem duplication events. Multiple transmembrane domains were identified in CaNATs. The isoelectric point of CaNATs were between 8.39 and 10.15. During the evolutionary process in plants,we found NATs originated from group D genes,then NATs stably existed in four groups of dicots after whole-genome duplication events and gene differentiation. The smallest nucleotide difference was found among group C genes,indicating that the genes in group C were more conservative. CaNATs showed tissue differential expression,some of which play vital roles in regulating root,stem,and fruit development in pepper. The transcript levels of CaNATs were generally up-regulated under multiple stresses(cold,heat,drought and salt),especially in cold and heat stresses.

Key words: pepper, NAT gene family, phylogenetic evolution, expression analysis