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杨禹妍1,2, 段新圆1,2, 何治霖1, 邴起浩1, 陈锁英1, 刘晓曼1, 曾明1,2, 刘小刚1,2,*()   

  1. 1.西南大学园艺园林学院,重庆 400715
    2.南方山地园艺学教育部重点实验室,重庆 400715
  • 收稿日期:2022-02-23 修回日期:2022-06-06 出版日期:2022-08-25 发布日期:2022-09-05
  • 通讯作者: 刘小刚
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Cloning and Function Characterization of UDP-L-rhamnose Synthase from Fortunella crassifolia

YANG Yuyan1,2, DUAN Xinyuan1,2, HE Zhilin1, BING Qihao1, CHEN Suoying1, LIU Xiaoman1, ZENG Ming1,2, LIU Xiaogang1,2,*()   

  1. 1. College of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture,Southwest University,Chongqing 400715,China
    2. Key Laboratory of Horticulture Science for Southern Mountainous Regions,Ministry of Education,Chongqing 400715,China
  • Received:2022-02-23 Revised:2022-06-06 Online:2022-08-25 Published:2022-09-05
  • Contact: LIU Xiaogang


以‘浏阳金柑’为研究材料,克隆到2个UDP-鼠李糖合成酶(UDP-Rhamnose synthase,RHM)基因FcRHM1FcRHM2的全长。FcRHM1的开放阅读框(ORF)长度为2 007 bp,编码668个氨基酸,分子量为75.3 kD;FcRHM2的ORF长度为2 031 bp,编码676个氨基酸,分子量为76.2 kD。多序列比对显示,FcRHM与其他植物的RHM蛋白序列高度相似。亚细胞定位显示FcRHM1和FcRHM2定位于细胞质和细胞核。原核表达及体外酶促反应结果显示,FcRHM1和FcRHM2均可将UDP-葡萄糖转化为UDP-鼠李糖。组织特异性表达显示,FcRHM1FcRHM2在不同组织中表达量存在一定的差异。结合UDP-鼠李糖的积累模式,认为FcRHM1FcRHM2可能都参与了UDP-鼠李糖的合成,但FcRHM1对于花和果实中UDP-鼠李糖的合成更为关键,而FcRHM2则主要负责叶片及芽的UDP-鼠李糖的合成。

关键词: 金柑, UDP-鼠李糖, UDP-鼠李糖合成酶, 基因功能


Two UDP-rhamnose synthase(RHM)genes(FcRHM1 and FcRHM2)were cloned from Fortunella crassifolia. The open reading frame(ORF)of FcRHM1 gene was 2 007 bp,encoding protein consisting of 668 amino acids with 75.3 kD,and FcRHM2 was 2 031 bp encoding 676 amino acids with 76.2 kD. In vitro experiments showed that FcRHM1 and FcRHM2 could function in converting UDP-glucose into UDP-rhamnose(UDP-Rha). Tissue-specific expressions revealed that the relative expression levels of FcRHM1 and FcRHM2 are different in different tissues. Combination with accumulation patterns of UDP-Rha,we concluded that both FcRHM1 and FcRHM2 were involved in the biosynthesis of UDP-Rha. Among them,FcRHM1 might be more critical in UDP-Rha of flowers and fruits,whereas FcRHM2 is mainly responsible for leaves and buds.

Key words: Fortunella crassifolia, UDP-rhamnose, UDP-rhamnose synthase, gene function