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乔军, 刘婧, 李素文, 王利英*()   

  1. 天津科润蔬菜研究所,蔬菜种质创新国家重点实验室,天津市蔬菜遗传育种企业重点实验室,天津 300381
  • 收稿日期:2021-08-02 修回日期:2021-11-25 出版日期:2022-03-25 发布日期:2022-03-25
  • 通讯作者: 王利英
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Prediction of Fruit Color Genes Under the Calyx of Eggplant Based on Genome-wide Resequencing in an Extreme Mixing Pool

QIAO Jun, LIU Jing, LI Suwen, WANG Liying*()   

  1. State Key Laboratory of Vegetable Germplasm Innovation,Tianjin Enterprise Key Laboratory of Vegetable Genetics & Breeding,Tianjin Kernel Vegetable Research Institute,Tianjin 300381,China
  • Received:2021-08-02 Revised:2021-11-25 Online:2022-03-25 Published:2022-03-25
  • Contact: WANG Liying


以茄子萼下紫色稳定遗传的圆茄自交系Y5与萼下绿色圆茄自交系Y73杂交,结果发现F2代的萼下果色分离呈正态分布。在F2群体中选取30个萼下紫色和30个萼下绿色单株构建极端混合池,对混合池和双亲开展30×和10×覆盖度的全基因组重测序,定位萼下果色性状关联区间,并根据其对应的参考基因组共线性区段和基因注释信息预测候选基因。重测序得到7 747 547个单核苷酸多态性(SNP)标记和569 796个插入缺失标记(InDel)标记,用于萼下果色性状的全基因组定位。定位结果获得7个显著关联区间,分布于茄子第4、10和11号染色体,根据通路富集和基因功能注释,筛选到候选基因EGP21397、EGP21400、EGP21491、EGP22288和EGP22289,这5个候选基因与光合作用密切相关,分别编码钙调素结合家族蛋白、C2H2型锌指蛋白、类胡萝卜素异构酶、2Fe-2S铁氧还蛋白样超家族蛋白和脂质转运蛋白。同时预测到与细胞色素P450和光敏色素合成有关的候选基因共6个,位于10号染色体关联区间,这些蛋白和光敏色素均与光合作用和逆境发育有关,从一定程度上揭示了茄子萼下果色发育的分子机理。

关键词: 茄子, 萼下果色, 基因定位, 极端混合池, 全基因组重测序


Stably genetic purple under the calyx,round eggplant inbred line Y5 was crossed with green under the calyx,round eggplant inbred line Y73. The segregation of fruit color under the calyx of F2 progeny had a normal distribution,which could be analyzed by bulk segregant analysis(BSA). In the F2 population,30 purple and 30 green under the calyx plants were selected to construct separated mixed pools. Whole-genome resequencing of 30× and 10× coverage was carried out in the mixed pools and parents to locate the correlation interval of fruit color under the calyx. Candidate genes were predicted according to the collinear region and gene annotation information of the eggplant genome. A total of 7 747 547 single nucleotide polymorphisms(SNP)and 569 796 insertion deletion markers(InDel)were obtained from the hybrid pools and parents,which were used for genome-wide mapping of fruit color traits under the calyx. According to pathway enrichment and gene function annotation,candidate genes EGP21397,EGP21400,EGP21491,EGP22288,and EGP22289 were obtained. The five candidate genes were closely related to cell photosynthesis and encoded calmodulin-binding family proteins,the C2H2 zinc finger protein,carotenoid isomerase,2Fe-2S ferredoxin-like superfamily proteins,and the lipid transfer protein. At the same time,six candidate genes related to cytochrome P450 and phytochrome synthesis were predicted,which were located in the association regions of chromosomes 10. These proteins and pigments were related to photosynthesis and stress development,which revealed the molecular mechanism of fruit color in eggplant.

Key words: eggplant, fruit color under the calyx, gene mapping, extreme mixing pool, whole-genome resequencing