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  1. (华中农业大学园艺植物生物学教育部重点实验室,武汉 430070)
  • 出版日期:2017-08-25 发布日期:2017-08-25

Genetic Analysis and Mapping of Genes Controlling Lettuce Lobed Leaf

YUAN Huanran,PAN Jiangpeng,and CHEN Jiongjiong*   

  1. (Key Laboratory of Horticultural Plant Biology,Ministry of Education,College of Horticulture and Forestry Sciences,Huazhong Agricultural University,Wuhan 430070,China)
  • Online:2017-08-25 Published:2017-08-25

摘要: 以叶片全缘(entire)莴苣PI491070和叶裂(lobed)莴苣PI536760为亲本构建F2代分离群体,F2代性状分离调查结果显示叶裂性状为单基因显性性状。利用BSR-seq方法对莴苣叶裂性状进行快速遗传定位,将控制叶裂性状的基因定位在3号染色体的60 ~ 140 Mb之间。通过1 159株F2群体的隐性单株进行分析最终将目的基因定位在116.24 ~ 118.15 Mb之间,物理距离大约为1.91 Mb。该区域包括24个候选基因,其中基因LG3316063编码锌指蛋白,在两亲本中有1个碱基的差异并导致了氨基酸的改变。从莴苣资源库中随机挑选5种叶裂植株检测该基因差异SNP位点都为G,7种无叶裂植株该基因SNP都为T,推测该基因可能是控制叶裂形成的候选基因。

关键词: 莴苣, 叶裂, BSR-seq, 基因定位

Abstract: An F2 population derived from a cross between lettuce PI491070(entire leaf)and PI536760(lobed leaf)was used to study the gene controlling leaf shape. The segregating ratio of lobed to non-lobed leaf showed that lobed leaf was controlled by a single dominant gene. Using the BSR-seq method,the gene controlling lobed leaf was mapped on Chr3,in the interval of 60–140 Mb. A large F2 population with 1 159 recessive individuals was used to fine map the causal gene to the interval of Chr3:116.24–118.15 Mb. Twenty-four genes were predicted in this region. One gene LG3316063 encoding a zinc finger protein,has one base pair difference,leading to amino acid change between two parents. Five genotypes with lobed leaves randomly chosen from lettuce germplasm all have “G”at this SNP,while 7 genotypes with non-lobed leaves have nucleotide “T”. Therefore,the gene LG3316063 is predicted to be the candidate gene controlling the lettuce lobed leaf.

Key words: Lactuca sativa, lobed leaf, BSR-seq, gene mapping