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刘 鑫,李晓彤,荆 鑫,王硕硕,巩 彪,魏 珉,史庆华*   

  1. 山东农业大学园艺科学与工程学院,作物生物学国家重点实验室,农业部黄淮海设施农业工程科学观测实验站,山东泰安 271018
  • 出版日期:2018-08-25 发布日期:2018-08-25
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Effect of S-adenosylmethionine on Growth and Physiological Metabolism of Cucumber Cutting Seedlings

LIU Xin,LI Xiaotong,JING Xin,WANG Shuoshuo,GONG Biao,WEI Min,and SHI Qinghua*   

  1. College of Horticulture Science and Engineering,Shandong Agricultural University;State Key Laboratory of Crop Biology;Scientific Observation and Experimental Station of Environment-Controlled Agricultural Engineering in Huang-Huai-Hai Region,Ministry of Agriculture,Tai’an,Shandong 271018,China
  • Online:2018-08-25 Published:2018-08-25

摘要: 以‘津研4号’黄瓜为试验材料,研究了S–腺苷甲硫氨酸(SAM)对断根扦插后黄瓜苗期根系生长、植株生长和生理代谢的影响。结果表明,断根幼苗基部用50 μmol · L-1 SAM溶液浸泡5 min,能显著促进扦插苗根系的生长发育、叶绿素的积累、光合速率的增强以及提高植株对N、P、K的吸收能力,促进幼苗的生长。进一步分析表明,SAM处理增加了黄瓜下胚轴内多胺和生长素的积累及其相关基因的表达,可能是SAM促进黄瓜根系再生和幼苗生长发育的机理。

关键词: 黄瓜, S–腺苷甲硫氨酸, 扦插, 根系发生, 生理代谢

Abstract: ‘Jinyan 4’cucumber was used as experimental material to study the effect of exogenous S-adenosylmethionine(SAM)on root generation,seedling growth and physiological metabolism. The results showed that the root growth,chlorophyll accumulation,photosynthetic rate were significantly improved in cucumber cutting seedlings treated with 50 μmol · L-1 SAM solution for 5 min,and N,P,K contents and cucumber seedlings growth were promoted. Further investigations indicated that SAM treatment up-regulated the expression of polyamines and auxin-related genes as well as polyamine and auxin accumulation in cucumber hypocotyls,which was the possible mechanism of SAM promoting root regeneration and plant growth of cucumber cutting seedlings.

Key words: cucumber, S-adenosylmethionine, cutting, root generation, physiological metabolism