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  1. ( 北京中农恒达植物品种权代理事务所,北京100026; 汉城大学环境园艺学系,汉城 l30-743; 韩国农林部农村振兴厅园艺研究所,京畿道水原市441-44O)
  • 收稿日期:2003-10-14 修回日期:2004-02-12 出版日期:2004-04-25 发布日期:2004-04-25

Studies on Media Formula for Pot Azalea Subirrigated by Ebb and Flow Bench Systems with Hydroponics

Yu Shujun ;Jeongsik Lee ; Bongsik Yoo

  1. ( Beijing Sino-Agro Hengda Plant Variety Rights Attorney,Beijing 100026,China; Department of Environmental Horticuhure,The University of Seoul,Seoul 130-743,Korea; National Horticultural Research Institute,Rural Development Administration,MOAF,Suwon,44l-440,Korea)
  • Received:2003-10-14 Revised:2004-02-12 Online:2004-04-25 Published:2004-04-25

摘要: 采用发达国家已经大量应用的潮水式(Ebb&Flow)底面灌施营养液栽培系统,以盆栽杜鹃
品种‘Mission Bell’作为试材,筛选出适合杜鹃盆花无土栽培 基质配方。混有草炭的M1(体积比:草炭土3+蛭石3+珍珠岩3)、M2(草炭土3+蛭石3+砻糠3)和M4(草炭土2+蛭石2+珍珠岩2+著糠2+腐叶土2)基质配方栽培的植株表现较好,尤以M1处理,即‘草炭土3+蛭石3+珍珠岩3’的等量配方为最优,而椰壳并不适合盆栽杜鹃的植株生长。土壤的理化分析和植物体分析结果表明,营养液灌溉处理后基质的pH值基本相同,但EC值的增幅很大,是由封闭系统内营养液中盐分累积所致;盆内基质中的矿质营养元素和阳离子交换量也明显增加;植物体的营养元素含量水平普遍较高,非常符合杜鹃类植物的生长条件与特殊需求。

关键词: 潮水式底面灌施营养液栽培系统, 杜鹃, 基质配方, 矿质营养元素

Abstract: The experiment concerned the 3 years.old plants of pot azalea (Rhododendron simsii ‘Mission Bell’)were designed as 30 replicates to conduct studies on media formula with hydroponics.In terms of plant height and width,leaf length and width,fresh and dry mass,root development and leaf chlorophyll content(SCDSV),the results indicated that M 1(Peat moss 3+Vermiculite 3+Perlite 3 by volume)formula was the best media for soilless culture of pot azalea plants.the medium formula containing coconut was
not suitable for soilless azalea culture. By analyzing physical and chemical properties of different media formu1a before and after subirrigation with Sonneveld nutrient was found that pH values tended to 5 and
EC values increased a lots as a result of salt accumulation in media at a closed system of hydroponics:all the contents of total N, available P,K,Ca, Mg,and CEC in 5 media form ula increased as wel1. Finally,contents of macronutrients and concentrations of micronutrient in plants of ‘Mission Bell’were almost around the optimal levels of plant growth.

Key words: Ebb and flow subirrigation bench system, Azalea, Media formula, Nutrient element