园艺学报 ›› 2020, Vol. 47 ›› Issue (S2): 2959-5960.doi: 10.16420/j.issn.0513-353x.2020-0647

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栾爱萍1,贺军虎1,*,何业华2,张 伟2,李晶晶2,谢 桃2   

  1. (1中国热带农业科学院热带作物品种资源研究所,海口 571101;2华南农业大学园艺学院,广州 510642)
  • 出版日期:2020-12-27 发布日期:2020-12-30

A New Pineapple Cultivar‘Yulinglong’

LUAN Aiping1,HE Junhu1,*,HE Yehua2,ZHANG Wei2,LI Jingjing2,and XIE Tao2   

  1. (1Tropic Crops Genetic and Resources Institute,Chinese Academy of Tropic Agricultural Sciences,Haikou 571101,China;2College of Horticulture,South China Agricultural University,Guangzhou 510642,China)
  • Online:2020-12-27 Published:2020-12-30

摘要: ‘玉玲珑’菠萝是从矮凤梨(Ananas comosus var. nanus)体细胞突变体中选育出来的新品种。植株直立,株高20.5 ~ 47.2 cm,冠幅48 ~ 81 cm,头状花序顶生,聚花果球果状,40 ~ 50 g,有小果24 ~ 35个。聚花果顶部有1个冠芽,圆锥形,高度10 ~ 12 cm,40.4 ~ 59.2 g。具有营养期短、易花、耐寒、果皮红色等特征,适宜于热带亚热带区域栽培。

关键词: 菠萝, 短营养期, 突变体

Abstract: ‘Yulinglong’is a new cultivar selected from somatic mutants of A. comosus var. nanus. The posture of the plant is upright,with a plant height of 20.5–47.2 cm,crown width of 48–81 cm,head-shaped inflorescences,coniferous cone-shaped,weighing about 40–50 g,with 24 to 35 small fruits. There is a crown bud on the top of the poly-flower,which is conical,10–12 cm high,and weighs 40.4–59.2 g. It has the characteristics of short vegetative growth period,easy flowering,cold resistance,red peel and so on. It is suitable for cultivation in tropical and subtropical regions.

Key words: Ananas comosus var. nanus, short vegetative growth period, mutant