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  1. 新疆师范大学生命科学学院,新疆干旱区湖泊环境与资源自治区重点实验室,新疆特殊环境物种多样性应用与调控重点实验室,乌鲁木齐 830054
  • 出版日期:2015-05-25 发布日期:2015-05-25
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Floral Syndrome and Breeding Systems of Calligonum ebi-nuricum

LI Zhi-Cheng, LI Jin, 吕Hai-Ying , ZHANG Xia   

  1. Xinjiang Laboratory of Lake Environment and Resources in Arid Zone,Key Laboratory of Species Diversity Application and Control in Xinjiang,College of Life Science,Xinjiang Normal University,Urumqi 830054,China
  • Online:2015-05-25 Published:2015-05-25

摘要: 野外定点观察艾比湖沙拐枣(Calligonum ebi-nuricum)的花部特征和开花进程,运用杂交指数、花粉/胚珠比、花粉活力及柱头可授性、人工授粉试验等方法对其繁育系统进行测定。结果表明:在自然条件下,艾比湖沙拐枣5—7月开花,群体花期约70 d,单花花期4 ~ 6 d,单花开放进程分为5个阶段:花蕾期、初开期、盛开期、衰落期和凋谢期。艾比湖沙拐枣的花为两性花,在花朵开放的整个过程中花药始终高于柱头。雌雄异熟,雄蕊先熟,花粉在开花1 ~ 4 d具有较强的活力,柱头在开花2 ~ 5 d可授性较强。杂交指数等于5,花粉/胚珠比为2 464,结合人工授粉试验结果可以确定其繁育系统为异交为主,部分自交亲和,需要传粉者。访花昆虫主要有蜂类、蚁类、蝇类、甲虫类,其中蜂类数量最多,是有效的传粉者。

关键词: 艾比湖沙拐枣, 花部特征, 开花进程, 繁育系统

Abstract: Calligonum ebi-nuricum is a desert shrub and a rare species in Xinjiang. Based on the observation of the sample plants in the field,with the focus on the outcrossing index,pollen-ovule ratio (P/O),pollen vitality and stigma receptivity and artificial pollination experiments,a systematic research on the floral syndrome and breeding systems of C. ebi-nuricum was conducted. Results showed:The flowering stage of populations was approximately 70 days from May to July,and the life span of a single flower was 4–6 days in habitat. The flowering process for one flower of the species can be divided into five periods:Bud stage,prophase of flowering,blooming stage,decadence stage and fade stage. The flowers of C. ebi-nuricum are bisexual and the anther always exceeded stigma during the whole flowering process. Dichogamy and protandrous. Pollen had stronger vigor from first to fourth day of blossoming,and stigma had higher receptivity from second to fifth day of blossoming. The crossing index was 5,pollen-ovule ratio was 2 464. Based on results of artificial pollination experiment,the breeding system is out-cross system,self-compatible partly,and it needs pollinators. Pollinators were mainly bees,ants,fliesand beetles.

Key words: Calligonum ebi-nuricum, floral syndrome, flowering process, breeding system