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  1. (1内蒙古民族大学农学院,内蒙古通辽 028043;2内蒙古民族大学蒙医药学院,内蒙古通辽 028043)
  • 出版日期:2018-07-25 发布日期:2018-07-25

Studies on Flowering Dynamics and Breeding System of Mongolian Medicine Lomatogonium rotatum

LI Xuxin 1,*,Bagenna 2,YANG Hengshan1,and ZHANG Shujuan1   

  1. (1College of Agronomy,Inner Mongolia University for the Nationalities,Tongliao,Inner Mongolia 028043,China;2Mongolia Medicine College,Inner Mongolia University for the Nationalities,Tongliao,Inner Mongolia 028043,China)
  • Online:2018-07-25 Published:2018-07-25

摘要: 以肋柱花[Lomatogonium rotatum(L.)Fries ex Nym.]为材料,通过野外定点观察其花器官形态特征、开花动态和传粉昆虫,并采用花粉活力、柱头可授粉性、花粉/胚珠比(P/O)与杂交指数(OCI)估算及人工控制授粉等方法对其繁育系统进行测定。结果表明:(1)肋柱花单花花期6 ~ 7 d,单花开放分为花蕾期、初开期、盛开期、衰落期和凋落期,整个开放过程中柱头始终高于花药,开花后2 ~ 3 d花粉活力和柱头可授性均较强;(2)花粉/胚珠比(P/O)为551.02,杂交指数(OCI)为4,繁育系统以异交为主,部分自交亲和,需要传粉者,以蓟马为主要传粉媒介;去雄后套袋不授粉,果实结籽率为0,说明不存在无融合生殖。

关键词: 肋柱花, 花器官特征, 开花动态, 繁育系统

Abstract: Making Lomatogonium rotatum(L.)Fries ex Nym. as material,the floral organ characteristics,flowering dynamics,and pollination insects were studied by field observation. The pollen vigor,pollination of stigma,the ratio of pollen and ovule(P/O),hybridization index(OCI),and artificial pollination were used to test the propagation system. The results showed that the single flowering stage was 6–7 d,including single flower bud stage,early stage,blooming stage,decadence stage and fade stage. The stigma always exceeded anther during the whole flowering process. The pollen viability and stigma receptivity of 2–3 d after flowering were stronger. The ratio of pollen and ovule(P/O)is 551.02,and the hybridization index is 4. The main breeding system is heterosynthesis,partial self-compatibility,and thrips as the main pollination medium. The seedling rate of the fruit was 0 after emasculation with bags and no pollination,indicating that there was no apomixis.

Key words: Lomatogonium rotatum, floral organ characteristics, flowering dynamics, breeding system