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  1. ( 四川农业大学林学园艺学院,雅安625014;四川省沐川县林业局,沐川614500)
  • 收稿日期:2003-07-01 修回日期:2003-10-14 出版日期:2004-04-25 发布日期:2004-04-25

Plant Regeneration from in Vitro Culture of Elaeocarpus sylvestris(Lour.)Poir.

Shi Daxing;Gu Yunjie;Wang Mili;Deng Xiaomin;Zhang Jiankang

  1. (College of Forestry and Horticulture,Sichuan Agricultural University,Ya'an 625014,China; Forestry Bureau of Muchuan District,Sichuan Province,Muchuan 614500,China)
  • Received:2003-07-01 Revised:2003-10-14 Online:2004-04-25 Published:2004-04-25

摘要: 研究了山杜英[Elaeocarpus sylvestris(Lour.)Poir.]带芽茎段的离体培养及植株再生。筛选出最佳培养基:(1)启动培养:Ms+BA 1.0~2.0 mg·L-1 (单位下同)+NAA 0.05+蔗糖3%;(2)愈伤组织发生型丛生苗增殖培养:MS+BA 1.0+NAA 0.5+蔗糖3%;腋芽发生型丛生苗增殖培养:MS+BA2.0+IBA 0.1+蔗糖3%;(3)有效苗诱导培养:MS+BA 0.5+IBA 0.1+GA 1.0+蔗糖3%;(4)生根培养:1/2 MS+IBA 3.0+蔗糖2%。用透气膜封FI比用聚乙烯菌膜生根率明显提高,生根明显提前。

关键词: 山杜英, 离体培养, 植株再生, 封口材料


This paper mainly dealt with the study on shoot organogensis culture in vitro and plant regeneration from sprout explants of Elaeocarpus sylvestris (Lour.)Poir.The results showed that the best media for various stages were as follows:(1) Initial medium:MS+BA 1.0~2.0 mg·L-1 +NAA 0.05 mg·L-1 +3% sucrose;(2)Clump shoot regeneration medium from callus proliferation:MS+BA 1.0mg·L-1 +NAA 0.5mg·L-1 +3%sucrose;Clump shoot regeneration medium from axillary buds:MS+BA 2.0 mg·L-1 +IBA 0.1 mg·L-1 +3%sucrose;(3)Efficiency seedling induction medium:MS+BA 0.5
mg·L-1 +IBA 0.1 mg·L-1 +GA 1.0mg·L-1 +3%sucrose;(4) Rooting medium:1/2 MS+IBA 3.0 mg·L-1 +2%sucrose. In root induction culture.the rate of root formation with membrane filter is higher than that of root form ation with common membrane.

Key words: Elaeocarpus sylvestris (Lour.) Poir., In vitro culture, Plant regeneration, Material of sealin