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  1. 1甘肃林业职业技术学院园林工程系,甘肃天水 741020;2甘肃神龙戎发药业股份有限公司,兰州 730070
  • 出版日期:2015-07-25 发布日期:2015-07-25
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The Establishment of the Efficient Regeneration System of the Tender Stems of Aconitum sungpanense

LEI Ying, REN Yi-Jie, SHEN Xiao-Yan   

  1. 1Department of Gardening Engineering,Gansu Forestry Technological College,Tianshui,Gansu 741020,China; 2Gansu Shenlongrongfa Pharmaceutical Co.,LTD,Lanzhou 730070,China
  • Online:2015-07-25 Published:2015-07-25

摘要: 以松潘乌头(Aconitum sungpanense)嫩茎切段为外植体进行不定芽诱导和植株再生试验。松潘乌头初生嫩茎长至5 ~ 10 cm时将其切下作为外植体诱导不定芽,MS + 6-BA 4.0 mg • L-1 + NAA 1.0 mg • L-1是较适合的分化培养基,分化率达94.8 %,平均芽数4.2;不定芽增殖以MS + 6-BA 3.0 mg • L-1 + IBA 0.3 mg • L-1效果较好,在此增殖培养基中加入青霉素G钾5 mg • L-1,GA3 0.3 mg • L-1,蔗糖为50 g • L-1,琼脂7 g • L-1,对玻璃化苗的控制效果较好,增殖倍数可达7.26,苗高达4 cm左右;生根培养基以1/2MS + IAA 0.3 mg • L-1较为理想,平均生根数为10条左右,生根率为96%以上;瓶苗移栽于森林土和草碳(1∶1)混合基质中生长良好,成活率达90%以上。

关键词: 松潘乌头, 嫩茎, 不定芽诱导, 植株再生

Abstract: The tender stems of Aconitum sungpanense were used as the explants to make a study of the adventitious bud induction and the plantlet regeneration. The results are as follows:The tender stems with the length of 5–10 cm are the ideal material for the explant culture. When the adventitious buds are inducted by the tender stems,the medium of MS + 6-BA 4.0 mg ? L-1 + NAA 1.0 mg ? L-1 is beneficial for the differentiation and the differentiation rate reaches 94.8%,besides,the number of the average bud is 4.2. The medium of MS + 6-BA 3.0 mg ? L-1 + IBA 0.3 mg ? L-1 is suitable for the propagation of buds. Meanwhile,to make the control of the vitrification of seedlings,it is effective to add Benzylpenicillin Potassium with 5 mg ? L-1 and GA3 0.3 mg ? L-1 to the original propagation medium and it is ideal to adopt sucrose with 50 g ? L-1 and agar with 7 g ? L-1 so that buds can be multiplied by 7.26 times and the height of seedlings can rise to about 4 cm as well. The optimum medium for rooting is 1/2MS + IAA 0.3 mg ? L-1 and the average number of rooting is approximately 10,besides,the rooting rate increases to over 96%. The seedlings transplanted to the matrix with forest soil and grass carbon(the ratio of 1︰1)grow vigorously and the survival rate reaches over 90%.

Key words: Aconitum sungpanense, tender stems, induction of adventitious buds, plantlet regeneration