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杨 蕊,关雪莲*,张睿鹂,杨文莉,郑 健,冷平生   

  1. (北京农学院园林学院,北京 102206)
  • 收稿日期:2013-11-23 出版日期:2013-06-25 发布日期:2013-06-25

Changes of Ca2+ and Ca2+-ATPase in the Mesophyll Cells of Euonymus japonicus‘Cuzhi’Under Cold Stress

YANG Rui,GUAN Xue-lian*,ZHANG Rui-li,YANG Wen-li,ZHENG Jian,and LENG Ping-sheng   

  1. (College of Landscape,Beijing University of Agriculture,Beijing 102206,China)
  • Received:2013-11-23 Online:2013-06-25 Published:2013-06-25

摘要: 利用焦锑酸钙沉淀和硝酸铅沉淀的电镜细胞化学方法,以室温生长的北海道黄杨植株为对照,研究了人工4 ℃低温胁迫过程中北海道黄杨(Euonymus japonicus‘Cuzhi’)叶肉细胞Ca2+和Ca2+-ATPase的动态变化。在4 ℃低温胁迫的初期(3 ~ 12 h),北海道黄杨叶肉细胞间隙和液泡内的Ca2+沉淀颗粒减少,而细胞质和细胞核内的Ca2+水平升高,但Ca2+-ATPase在细胞的分布几乎没有变化,主要分布在质膜和液泡膜上,有较高的活性;低温胁迫24 h,细胞质和细胞核内增加的Ca2+开始回到细胞间隙和液泡中,Ca2+-ATPase在质膜和液泡膜上活性增强;在低温胁迫48 ~ 96 h,细胞内的Ca2+又回到低温胁迫前的低水平,但Ca2+-ATPase在质膜和液泡膜上仍有很高的活性。叶肉细胞内Ca2+稳态平衡和Ca2+-ATPase的活性变化与植物的抗寒性存在一定的相关性。

关键词: 北海道黄杨, 低温胁迫, Ca2+, Ca2+-ATPase, 叶肉细胞

Abstract: Changes of Ca2+ and Ca2+-ATPase in the mesophyll cell of Euonymus japonicus‘Cuzhi’at 4 ℃were investigated with electromicroscopic-cytochemical methods of calcium antimonate and lead nitrate precipitate. It is shown in the evidences that,compared with that of the plant at room temperature,the number of calcium particles in intercellular spaces and vacuoles of the mesophyll cell decreased,but that in the cytoplasm significantly increased at the early stage(at 4 ℃ from 3 hours to 12 hours). However,there was almost no changes of Ca2+-ATPase distribution. The plasma and vacuoles membrane showed high activity of Ca2+-ATPase simultaneously. After 24 hours at 4 ℃,Ca2+ in cytoplasm and nucleus which increased before began to go back to the intercellular spaces and the vacuoles,Ca2+-ATPase activity on plasma and vacuoles membrane was enhanced. At 4 ℃ from 48 hours to 96 hours,Ca2+ concentration in the cytoplasm restored to the lower resting level,the same as that before the cold stress,yet the plasma and vacuoles membrane still showed high activity of Ca2+-ATPase. Thus it could be concluded that there is certain relativity between Ca2+ homeostasis and dynamic changes of Ca2+-ATPase with the plant cold resistance.