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蔡为明 金群力 冯伟林 范丽军 方菊莲 李南羿

  1. (浙江省农业科学院园艺研究所, 浙江杭州310021)
  • 收稿日期:2006-08-14 修回日期:2006-11-10 出版日期:2006-12-25 发布日期:2006-12-25

A New High2tempera ture2thermotoleran t Aga ricus bitorqu is Hybr id‘Xiax iu2000’

CaiWeiming, J in Qunli, FengWeilin, Fan Lijun, Fang Julian, and L i Nanyi

  1. (Horticulture Institute, Zhejiang Academ y of Agricultural Sciences, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310021, China)
  • Received:2006-08-14 Revised:2006-11-10 Online:2006-12-25 Published:2006-12-25

摘要: 摘 要: ‘夏秀2000’为高温型双环蘑菇杂交种, 适宜出菇温度为26~34℃, 成长中的子实体耐36~
38℃高温, 适宜夏季高温期栽培; 菌丝爬土能力强, 菇床结实率高, 出菇整齐, 平均产量819 kg/m2 ; 子实
体圆整, 质地坚实紧密, 耐机械损伤, 不易褐变, 较耐贮运。

关键词: 关键词: 双环蘑菇, 杂交种, 高温型

Abstract: Abstract: ‘Xiaxiu 2000’ is a new hybrid of high2temperature2thermotolerant Agaricus bitorqu is. The
suitable temperature for its fruitbody formation is at 26 - 34℃, and its develop ing fruitbody can grow at the
temperature as high as 36 - 38℃. It is a good variety for growing in hot summertime in China. Itsmycelia col2
onize strongly and evenly in casing layer, has a higher fruiting rate than its parent strains, the average yield is
819 kg/m2. Other desirable characteristics include bruise resistance, brownness resistance, ease of p icking
and transporting, and longer shelf life.

Key words: Key words: Agaricus bitorquis, Hybrid, High2temperature2thermotolerant