园艺学报 ›› 2020, Vol. 47 ›› Issue (9): 1867-1868.doi: 10.16420/j.issn.0513-353x.2019-0322

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朱雪荣1,马飞明1,问亚军1,*,王化领2,孟 延1,张伯虎1,李武成1,王永朝1   

  1. (1渭南市农业科学研究所,陕西渭南 714000;2安徽拓华农业有限公司,合肥 230000)
  • 出版日期:2020-09-25 发布日期:2020-09-25

A New Early-maturing Melon Cultivar‘Jingcuimite’

ZHU Xuerong1,MA Feiming1,WEN Yajun1,*,WANG Hualing2,MENG YAN1,ZHANG Bohu1,LI Wucheng1,and WANG Yongchao1   

  1. (1Weinan Institute of Agricultural Sciences,Weinan,Shaanxi 714000,China;2 Anhui Tuohua Agruicultural Development Limited Company,Hefei 230000,China)
  • Online:2020-09-25 Published:2020-09-25

摘要: ‘晶萃蜜特’为早熟优质薄皮甜瓜杂交一代新品种。植株生长势健壮,连续坐果能力强。果实高梨形,单果质量0.35 ~ 0.55 kg,果皮碧绿偶有青条纹,果肉绿色,清香爽口,中心可溶性固形物含量12.7% ~ 15.4%,糖分梯度小。全生育期84 ~ 86 d,果实发育期27 ~ 29 d,抗病性中上。在陕西、安徽、河北、山西、山东、浙江、辽宁等地示范推广,表现良好。

Abstract: ‘Jingcuimite’is a early-maturing melon hybrid. The fruit is pear-shaped and the weight of per melon is 0.35–0.55 kg,The peel is green with dark stripes. The green fresh is crisp,with center sugar content of 12.7%–15.4%,and small gradient. The plant is vigorous with disease resistance,with good fruit setting.The whole growth period is 84–86 d and the fruit developing period is 27–29 d. The cultivar has demonstrated a broad adaptability and good perspective of commercialization,for example Shannxi,Anhui,Hebei,Shanxi,Shandong,Zhejiang,and Liaoning.