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刘锴栋*,冯少娴,盘耀亮,黎海利,陈 燕,袁长春*   

  1. (岭南师范学院生命科学与技术学院,广东湛江 524048)
  • 出版日期:2016-12-25 发布日期:2016-12-25

Cloning and Expression Analysis of CpFT1 Gene and Its Promoter from Papaya

LIU Kai-dong*,FENG Shao-xian,PAN Yao-liang,LI Hai-li,CHEN Yan,and YUAN Chang-chun*   

  1. (Life Science and Technology School,Lingnan Normal University,Zhanjiang,Guangdong 524048,China)
  • Online:2016-12-25 Published:2016-12-25


以番木瓜(Carica papaya L.)花为材料,利用番木瓜基因组序列设计番木瓜CpFT1和启动子扩增引物,通过PCR获得了该基因长度为525 bp的基因组DNA序列和1 500 bp的上游调控序列。通过生物信息学分析,发现CpFT1编码174个氨基酸。经序列对比及进化分析发现,番木瓜FT基因与山毛榉FT基因同源性最高。亚细胞定位显示CpFT1蛋白定位于细胞核。进一步分析CpFT1的启动子序列,脱落酸、赤霉素、水杨酸等激素调控相关的元件位于CpFT1上游1 500 bp的序列上。利用实时荧光定量PCR检测了CpFT1在不同性别花器官、花不同发育阶段以及不同激素处理下花中的表达差异,结果表明CpFT1的表达可能受到脱落酸、水杨酸等激素的调控。

关键词: 番木瓜, 花发育, FT1基因, 表达调控, 植物激素


Papaya is a dioeciously herbaceous plant. Identification of flower-related genes gives us an opportunity to reveal the regulation mechanism in flowering and to improve the setting rate in papaya. In this study,the genome database of papaya was used to clone the CpFT1 gene and promoter sequences. The 525 bp CpFT1 gene sequence and 1 500 bp promoter sequence were obtained by PCR method. Sequence analysis showed that the CpFT1 gene has a 525 bp open reading frame(ORF)encoding 174 amino acids. The phylogenetic tree showed that CpFT1 and Fagus crenata FT are the closest in molecular evolution distance. Subcellular localization assays showed that the CpFT1 protein was located in the nucleus. Bioinformatics analysis showed that there were abscisic acid,gibberellin,salicylic acid and other responsive cis-acting elements in the CpFT1 promoter sequence. The expressions of CpFT1 gene in 3 different sex types of flowers,4 different flower developmental stages and various hormone treatments have been revealed by qRT-PCR method. In conclusion,the results indicate that the hormones including  abscisic acid and salicylic acid are involved in the regulation of the CpFT1 gene expression.

Key words: papaya, flower development, FT1 gene, expression regulation, hormone