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杨 艺,王 娜,王奎玲,刘庆华,刘庆超*   

  1. (青岛农业大学园林与林学院,山东青岛 266109)
  • 出版日期:2019-01-25 发布日期:2019-01-25

Studies on the Flower Bud Differentiation of Four Species of Clematis

YANG Yi,WANG Na,WANG Kuiling,LIU Qinghua,and LIU Qingchao*   

  1. (College of Landscape Architecture and Forestry,Qingdao Agricultural University,Qingdao,Shandong 266109,China)
  • Online:2019-01-25 Published:2019-01-25

摘要: 利用石蜡切片法对大叶铁线莲(Clematis heracleifolia)、东北铁线莲(C. terniflora var. mandshurica)、棉团铁线莲(C. hexapetala)和褐毛铁线莲(C. fusca)的花芽分化过程进行了观察。结果表明,4种植物的花芽分化过程可分为5个时期,未见明显花萼或花瓣分化或退化现象,各轮花器官为向心式发生,向心式发育。大叶铁线莲、东北铁线莲和棉团铁线莲还存在花序形成期。至各花器官形态分化完全,东北铁线莲及褐毛铁线莲花芽分化过程为10 ~ 12 d,棉团铁线莲为12 ~ 14 d,大叶铁线莲为15 ~ 17 d。

关键词: 铁线莲, 花芽分化, 石蜡切片

Abstract: A natomic observation was made in the terminal bud of Clematis heracleifolia,C. terniflora var. mandshurica,C. hexapetala and C. fusca during flower bud differentiation with the paraffin-cut section. The results showed that flower bud differentiation of the four species of Clematis could be divided into five stages. The primordia of all floral organs initiated and developed centripetally without differentiation or degradation of calyx or petal obviously. It also included the whole inflorescence formation during the flower bud differentiation of C. heracleifolia,C. hexapetala and C. terniflora var. mandshurica. After the complete morphology differentiation of floral organ,it took about 10–12 d for the flowers of C. terniflora var. mandshurica and C. fusca,12–14 d for that of C. hexapetala and 15–17 d for that of C. heracleifolia to develop from the initiation to the end.

Key words: Clematis, flower bud differentiation, the paraffin-cut section