园艺学报 ›› 2008, Vol. 35 ›› Issue (7): 959-966.

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武 姣;孔 瑾;王 忆;韩振海;许雪峰*   

  1. (中国农业大学果树逆境生理与分子生物学实验室,北京 100094)
  • 收稿日期:2008-01-10 修回日期:2008-05-26 出版日期:2008-07-25 发布日期:2008-07-25
  • 通讯作者: 许雪峰

Agrobacterium rhizogenes-Mediated Transformation and Hairy Root Regeneration of Malus baccata( L.) Borkh

WU Jiao, KONG Jin, WANG Yi, HAN Zhen-hai, XU Xue-feng*   

  1. ( Stress Physiology and Molecular Biology Laboratory of Fruit Trees,China Agricultural University,Beijing 100094,China)
  • Received:2008-01-10 Revised:2008-05-26 Online:2008-07-25 Published:2008-07-25
  • Contact: XU Xue-feng

摘要: 为了提高山定子的生根能力,用发根农杆菌转化山定子,诱导产生发根,并由发根诱导出再生植株。通过对不同发根农杆菌株系、培养基、共培养时间以及添加乙酰丁香酮(AS)的研究,优化了发根农杆菌转化体系。当用添加AS(100μmol﹒L-1)的菌液侵染植株切段30 min,共培养3 d,在无植物生长调节剂的固体1/4MS培养基上诱导产生发根时,发根诱导率最高,达到88.89%。将发根根段在MS+BA 2.0 mg﹒L-1 +IBA 0.1 mg﹒L-1+GA3 0.1 mg﹒L-1的再生培养基上,通过愈伤组织的诱导得到再生植株,再生率3%。

关键词: 山定子, 发根农杆菌, 转化, 再生

Abstract: To enhance the rooting ability of Malus baccata (L .)Borkh, hairy roots were induced from cuttings of M. baccata (L .)Borkh explants co-cultured with A. rhizogenes (8196&R1601). Shoots were regenerated from hairy roots. Different strains of A.rhizogenes, medium, time of co-cultivation and usage of acetosyringone (AS) were researched. It indicated that the highest rooting rate (88.89%)was obtained when explants were infected by the 8196 bacterium suspension with AS(100 μmol﹒L-1), co-cultured for 3 days and cultured on 1/4MS medium . Regeneration system was established by screening different plant growth regulator recombination. Adventitious shoots were regenerated from calli that were induced from hairy roots in medium with 2.0 mg﹒L-1 BA, 0.1 mg﹒L-1 IBA and 0.1 mg﹒L-1 GA3 . Regeneration frequency was 3 %. Rooting ability of regeneration shoots increased significantly. It is a very promising method for M. baccata (L .)Borkh transformation.

Key words: M. baccata (L .)Borkh, A. rhizogenes, transformation, regeneration