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宋 震,李中安,周常勇*   

  1. 西南大学柑桔研究所,中国农业科学院柑桔研究所,重庆 400712
  • 出版日期:2014-09-25 发布日期:2014-09-25
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Research Advances of Virus-induced Gene Silencing(VIGS)

SONG Zhen,LI Zhong-an,and ZHOU Chang-yong*   

  1. Citrus Research Institute of Southwest University,Citrus Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,
    Chongqing 400712,China
  • Online:2014-09-25 Published:2014-09-25

摘要: 病毒诱导的基因沉默(Virus-induced gene silencing,VIGS)是一种RNA 介导的植物抗病毒
能研究方法相比,VIGS 技术研究周期短,不需要遗传转化,具有低成本、高通量等优势。因此,VIGS
已被广泛应用于植物抗病抗逆、生长发育以及代谢调控等生理途径相关基因的功能鉴定。综述了VIGS 的
机制、技术发展、沉默效率的影响因素及其在植物基因功能鉴定中的应用,并对VIGS 在植物性状改良及

关键词: 病毒诱导的基因沉默, VIGS, 功能基因组学, 病毒载体

Abstract: Virus-induced gene silencing(VIGS)is an RNA-mediated antiviral defense mechanism of
plant,and has been developed as a reverse genetics tool for gene function analysis recently. VIGS has
many advantages compared to commonly used biotechnological tools such as gene transformation,gene
knockout and antisense inhibition. It is rapid with low cost,no need for stable plant transformation,and
allows a large-scale screening of genes. Consequently,the approach has been widely used in many plant
species to characterize genes involved in various plant development processes,disease resistance,stress
resistance,and metabolic regulation. This paper reviewed the mechanism and current improvements of
VIGS,factors affecting VIGS response,and VIGS applications on plant functional genomics. Meanwhile,
the promising application prospect on crop improvement and plant protection were also discussed.

Key words: virus-induced gene silencing(VIGS), functional genomics, viral vector