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张艺萍1,2,瞿素萍2,杨秀梅2,马璐琳2,许 凤2,王继华2,*,何月秋1,*   

  1. (1云南农业大学植物保护学院,昆明 650205;2云南省农业科学院花卉研究所,国家观赏园艺工程研究中心,云南省花卉育种重点实验室,云南省花卉工程技术研究中心,昆明 650205)
  • 出版日期:2018-03-25 发布日期:2018-03-25

Proteomics Analysis of Lily Blight Disease-resistant Clones

ZHANG Yiping1,2,QU Suping2,YANG Xiumei2,MA Lulin2,XU Feng2,WANG Jihua2,*,and HE Yueqiu1,*   

  1. (1College of Plant Protection,Yunnan Agricultural University,Kunming 650205,China;2 Flower Research Institute,Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences,National Engineering Research Center for Ornamental Horticulture,Yunnan Flower Breeding Key Laboratory,Yunnan Flower Engineering Center,Kunming 650205,China)
  • Online:2018-03-25 Published:2018-03-25

摘要: 以百合抗病无性系和感病无性系为试验材料,开展了百合抗尖孢镰刀菌枯萎病的蛋白质组学研究,以期明确抗病无性系参与抗病反应的关键蛋白。利用蛋白质双向凝胶电泳技术,对被百合尖孢镰刀菌诱导0、24、48和72 h的抗病无性系和感病无性系进行差异蛋白分析。经质谱检测及数据库检索,鉴定了25个差异蛋白质点,其中10个鉴定为未知功能的蛋白,其余15个依据其相关功能分为4类,即防御反应相关蛋白、光合作用相关蛋白、糖类及能量代谢相关蛋白和热激蛋白。其中参与防御反应的病程相关蛋白(推定的抗病蛋白RPS2、推定的抗晚疫病同族蛋白R1C-3、过氧化物酶Q、抗坏血酸过氧化物酶和NBS-LRR类似蛋白)可能是百合抗病无性系介入抗病防御反应的关键蛋白。

关键词: 百合, 总蛋白提取, 双向电泳, 尖孢镰刀菌百合专化型, 差异蛋白质组

Abstract: To elucidate the key proteins related to disease-resistance of lily induced by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lilii,protein two-dimensional gel electrophoresis technology was used to analyze profiles of the disease-resistant and susceptible clones after inoculation of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lilii for 0,24,48 and 72 h. Tweenty-five differentially expressed proteins were successfully identified,including 10 differentially expressed proteins identified as unknown function proteins. The rest of the 15 differentially expressed proteins can be categorized into 4 classes according to the function,namely the defense reaction,photosynthesis,carbohydrate and energy metabolism,and heat shock-related proteins. The disease related proteins participated in the defense reaction including presumption of disease-resistant protein RPS2,putative late blight resistant protein homolog R1C-3,peroxidase Q,ascorbate peroxidase and NBS-LRR-like protein,which may play key roles in the resistance against lily blight.

Key words: lily, protein extraction, two-dimensional electrophoresis, Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lilii, differential proteomics