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不同菜豆品种4 种抗营养因子水平差异分析

尚 蕊,吴 华,郭 瑞,刘 琴,潘 磊,李佳楠,胡志辉,陈禅友   

  1. 江汉大学生命科学学院,湖北省豆类(蔬菜)植物工程技术研究中心,武汉430056
  • 出版日期:2015-11-25 发布日期:2015-11-25
  • 基金资助:

    农业部‘948’项目(2011-G1-17);湖北省科技平台项目(鄂科技通[2011]第101 号);武汉市科技攻关项目(201250499145-11)

The Diversity of Four Anti-nutritional Factors in Kidney Bean

SHANG Rui,WU Hua,GUO Rui,LIU Qin,PAN Lei,LI Jia-nan,HU Zhi-hui,and CHEN Chan-you   

  1. School of Life Sciences,Jianghan University,Hubei Province Engineering Research Center for Legume Plants,Wuhan
  • Online:2015-11-25 Published:2015-11-25


源物。以56 份食荚菜豆品种为材料,测定了鲜荚中4 种抗营养因子含量或活性。结果表明,供试菜豆品
种群体4 种抗营养因子水平均存在极显著差异。植物凝集素含量(均值为1.743 mg · g-1)和胰蛋白酶抑制
剂活性(均值为1.680 mg · g-1)变异系数均在100%以上,品种频率分布曲线主峰明显,但在极高和极低
区域均有品种间断分布,出现了品种水平的数量等级差异;皂苷含量(均值为3.730 mg · g-1)和植酸含量
(均值为3.102 mg · g-1)变异系数均低于41%,品种频率分布曲线呈近正态分布,主峰明显,双尾有低频
56 份菜豆品种划分为3 个品种群,近80%品种聚于抗营养因子中等水平品种群,近12%品种居于较低水

关键词: 菜豆, 植物凝集素, 皂苷, 胰蛋白酶抑制剂, 植酸, 遗传变异


Anti-nutritional factors such as lectins,saponin,trypsin inhibitor and phytic acid are
endogenous substances in kidney bean(Phaseolus vulgaris L.). In this study,the contents or activities of
these four anti-nutritional factors in fresh pods were detected in 56 selected cultivars. The results revealed
significant difference of each factor in the tested cultivar population. The mean value of lectin content and
the activity of trypsin inhibitor was 1.743 mg · g-1 and 1.680 mg · g-1 respectively. Their coefficients of
variation(CV)were both more than 100% and each of the cultivar frequency distribution curve showed a
main peak,but the discontinuous distributions in the extremely high and low areas indicate hierarchic
cultivars. However,the content of saponin(mean value 3.730 mg · g-1)and phytic acid(mean value 3.102
mg · g-1)were with CV less than 41%. Each showed a main peak in its normal distribution curve and low
frequency continuous distribution in dual tails. Meanwhile,statistic analysis demonstrated a positivecorrelation between the lectin content and trypsin inhibitor activity in fresh pods. Furthermore,all tested 56
cultivars clustered into three groups based on their level of four anti-nutritional factors,80% of them into
medium level group,12% of them into low level group. The endogenous edible toxic compounds,such as
lectin and trypsin inhibitor,are closely related to the insect resistance in field. This study suggested that it
is possible to screen the cultivars contain less lectin and other factors but with reduced the pest resistance
in field.

Key words: kidney bean, Phaseolus vulgaris, lectin, saponin, trypsin inhibitor, phytic acid, genetic