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杨 艺,王奎玲,刘庆华,姜新强,郝 青,刘庆超*   

  1. 青岛农业大学园林与林学院,山东青岛 266109
  • 出版日期:2019-08-25 发布日期:2019-08-25
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Studies on the Flower Bud Differentiation of Clematis glauca

YANG Yi,WANG Kuiling,LIU Qinghua,JIANG Xinqiang,HAO Qing,and LIU Qingchao*   

  1. College of Landscape Architecture and Forestry,Qingdao Agricultural University,Qingdao,Shandong 266109,China
  • Online:2019-08-25 Published:2019-08-25


利用石蜡切片法对粉绿铁线莲(Clematis glauca)的花芽分化过程进行了观察。结果表明,其形态分化阶段可分为未分化期、分化初期、花被片分化期、雄蕊分化期和雌蕊分化期。各轮花器官为向心式发生,向心式发育。在性细胞分化成熟阶段,雄配子体先于雌配子体发育完全。花药4室,花药壁发育类型为双子叶型,具腺质绒毡层。胞质分裂为同时型,以四面体型四分体为主,花粉粒为2–细胞型。成熟花药中表皮细胞退化或仅余残迹,花药壁仅由纤维状加厚的内皮层构成。子房1室,内含少量退化胚珠及一发育正常的胚珠,倒生,单珠被,薄珠心,蓼形胚囊,具线形四分体及双核反足细胞。在铁线莲属植物中,粉绿铁线莲可能处于相对进化的过渡地位。

关键词: 铁线莲属, 花芽分化, 孢子体, 配子体


A natomic observation was made in the flower buds of Clematis glauca during flower bud differentiation with the paraffin-cut section. The results showed that flower bud differentiation of C. glauca could be divided into the undifferentiation phase,the initial differentiation phase,the primordial differentiation phase,the stamen differentiation phase,and the pistil differentiation phase,during the morphological differentiation period. The primordia of all floral organs initiated and developed centripetally. During the period of sexual cell differentiation and maturation,the male gametophytes matured faster than female gametophytes. The development of anther wall was the monocotyledonous type. Tetrasporangiate anther and glandular tapetum could be observed in C. glauca. Microsporocyte cytokinesis was successive,and microspores tetrads were mostly tetrahedral and occasionally symmetrical. In mature anther,the epidermis was degenerate completely or with a thin layer of remains left,and the endothecium was fibrous thickenings. Pollen grains of C. glauca were 2-celled. There was one chamber with few degraded ovules and a single normal one which was anatropous,unitegmic,tenuinucellate,and Polygonum type of embryo-sac with a linear tetrad of megaspores and dikaryocyte antipodal cells. The species might belong to evolutionary and transitional population relatively in the genus Clematis.

Key words: flower bud differentiation, sporogenesis, gametogenesis