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赵 鹏,郝丽珍*,庞 杰,张轶婷,张凤兰,杨忠仁   

  1. (内蒙古农业大学农学院,内蒙古自治区野生特有蔬菜种质资源与种质创新重点实验室,呼和浩特 010019)
  • 收稿日期:2013-01-29 出版日期:2013-06-25 发布日期:2013-06-25

Effects of Storage Temperature and Ultradrying Treatment on Vigor and Anti-lipid-peroxidation of Pugionium Seed

ZHAO Peng,HAO Li-zhen*,PANG Jie,ZHANG Yi-ting,ZHANG Feng-lan,and YANG Zhong-ren   

  1. (College of Agronomy,Inner Mongolia Agricultural University;Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Key Laboratory of Wild Peculiar Vegetable Germplasm Resource and Germplasm Enhancement,Huhhot 010019,China)
  • Received:2013-01-29 Online:2013-06-25 Published:2013-06-25

摘要: 以沙芥种子(含水量4.5%)和斧形沙芥种子(含水量4.3%)为材料,采用硅胶干燥法将其含水量分别降至3.1%、2.2%、1.3%,在50、35 和20 ℃条件下密闭贮藏1年,研究温度对种子活力及抗脂质过氧化的影响,为种子老化及贮藏研究提供理论参考。结果表明,沙芥和斧形沙芥种子在50、35和20 ℃下贮藏1年,其贮藏最佳含水量范围随贮藏温度的下降而变宽,沙芥种子由4.5% ~ 3.1%变为4.5% ~ 2.2%,而斧形沙芥则从4.3% ~ 2.2%变为4.3% ~ 1.3%;种子活力的劣变先于发芽率的降低,随着含水量的降低,贮藏后种子的相对电导率有不同程度的增加,且以初始含水量(对照)种子的萌发、活力和生物膜完整性保持最好,斧形沙芥种子贮藏的最佳含水量范围和抗老化能力大于沙芥种子;贮藏过程加剧了种子的产生和MDA含量的积累,其中以35 ℃贮藏后积累最少;CAT、GPX、APX贮藏后活性保持良好且受贮藏温度的影响;本试验表明,贮藏的最佳条件为35 ℃,沙芥种子含水量为4.5%,斧形沙芥种子为4.3%。

关键词: 沙芥, 斧形沙芥, 贮藏温度, 超干种子, 脂质过氧化

Abstract: The effects of storage temperature on vigor and anti-lipid-peroxidation of ultradried seeds of Pugionium Gaertn. were studied by reducing the moisture content of Pugionium cornutum(L.)Gaertn. and Pugionium dolabratum Maxim to 3.1%,2.2%,1.3% from the initial content respectively by silica gel,and aged at 50 ℃,35 ℃ and 20 ℃ for 1 year,which would provide theoretical basis for aging and storage of the seeds. The results indicated that there were optimum moisture content of P. cornutum(L.)Gaertn. and P. dolabratum Maxim. seeds stored at 50 ℃,35 ℃ and 20 ℃,and the contents of P. cornutum(L.)Gaertn. and P. dolabratum Maxim. seeds increased from 4.5%–3.1% and 4.3%–2.2% to 4.5%–2.2% and 4.3%–1.3% with the declining of the temperature respectively. The deterioration of the seed vigor occurred earlier than germination percentagereduction significantly. After aging treatment,relative electrical conductivity of the seeds increased when the content decreased,and seed germination,vigor and the integrity of cell membranes of the seeds with initial moisture content(CK)were the best in all ultradried seeds. The range of optimum moisture contents and the ability of resisting aging ofP. dolabratum Maxim. seeds were greater than P. cornutum(L.)Gaertn. seeds. The generation of superoxide generation rate()and accumulation of malondialdehyde(MDA)were promoted in storage process,and the influence was the lowest at 35 ℃. The activities of CAT,GPX,APX of the two specie seeds were still retained,which affected by stored temperature. Under the experimental conditions,the optimal conditions of storage were suggested that the optimum moisture content of P. cornutum(L.)Gaertn. and P. dolabratum Maxim. seeds are 4.5% and 4.3% respectively at 35 ℃.

Key words: P. cornutum(L.)Gaertn., P. dolabratum Maxim., store temperature, ultradried seed, lipid-peroxidation