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张 玲1,2,王延秀1,*,高清华2,段 可2,*   

  1. (1甘肃农业大学园艺学院,兰州 730070;2上海市农业科学院林木果树研究所,上海 201403)
  • 出版日期:2017-06-25 发布日期:2017-06-25

The Phylogeney,Expression Patterns of Alkaline/Neutral Invertase Genes (Fa.A/N-Invs)Family and Their Influence on Sugar Accumulation in Strawberry Fruit

ZHANG Ling1,2,WANG Yanxiu1,*,GAO Qinghua2,and DUAN Ke2,*   

  1. (1College of Horticultural Sciences,Gansu Agricultural University,Lanzhou 730070,China;2Forest and Fruit Tree Research Institute,Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Shanghai 201403,China)
  • Online:2017-06-25 Published:2017-06-25

摘要: 在草莓蔗糖碱性/中性转化酶家族基因(Fa.A/N-Inv)成员序列分析的基础上,以‘申阳’和‘红颜’草莓为材料,利用实时定量PCR技术分析了Fa.A/N-Inv家族基因在不同条件下的表达模式,利用分光光度法测定了果实发育过程中A/N-Inv酶活性,利用高效液相色谱法分析了果实发育阶段糖分积累规律。结果表明:(1)Fa.A/N-Inv是由8个成员组成的多基因家族;(2)4个Fa.A/N-Invs不仅具有组织特异性,还具有果实发育阶段特异性和品种特异性表达特点;(3)4个Fa.A/N-Invs的表达受细胞分裂素(BA)、赤霉素(GA)和生长素(IAA)诱导;(4)蔗糖和葡萄糖作为A/N-Inv酶促反应的底物和产物,分别对4个Fa.A/N-Invs转录表达起正、负反馈调节作用,此外蔗糖还可作为一种信号分子诱导Fa.A/N-Invs表达;(5)‘申阳’草莓A/N-Inv酶活性在绿果阶段低于‘红颜’,其余阶段均高于‘红颜’;(6)成熟果实中蔗糖含量‘红颜’(50.7 mg ? g-1 FW)约为‘申阳’(23.2 mg ? g-1 FW)的2倍。

关键词: 草莓, 蔗糖碱性/中性转化酶, 糖信号, 酶活性


On the basis of gene sequence analysis of the strawberry alkaline/neutral invertase gene family(Fa.A/N-Inv),strawberry cultivars‘Shen Yang’and‘Benihoppe’were employed as materials. The expression patterns of Fa.A/N-Inv genes under different conditions were analyzed by qRT-PCR. The dynamic enzyme activity of A/N-Inv and the sugar accumulation during fruit development stages were determined by spectrophotography and high-performance liquid chromatography(HPLC),respectively. Eight members of alkaline/neutral invertases were identified in the strawberry genome. The expression patterns of 4 Fa.A/N-Inv genes are tissue-,developmental stage-,and genotype-specific. The expression of  4 Fa.A/N-Invs was differentially induced by cytokinin(BA),gibberellic acid(GA)and auxin(IAA). Sucrose and glucose,as substrate and product of A/N-Inv,hold positive and negative feedback regulation on expression of the 4 genes,respectively. Besides,as a signal molecule,sucrose could induce the expression of Fa.A/N-Inv genes. The enzyme activity of A/N-Inv in‘Shen Yang’was higher than that in‘Benihoppe’fruits of all stages except for the green fruit. The content of sucrose in ripe ‘Benihoppe’fruit(50.7 mg · g-1 FW)was double of that in‘Shen Yang’fruit(23.2 mg · g-1 FW).

Key words: strawberry, alkaline/neutral invertase, sugar signal, enzyme activity