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何晓文,何 平,常源升,王 森,王海波*,李林光*   

  1. 山东省果树研究所,山东泰安 271000
  • 出版日期:2020-08-25 发布日期:2020-08-25
  • 基金资助:

Advances in the Research on Resistance Mechanism of Apple to Ring Rot Disease

HE Xiaowen,HE Ping,CHANG Yuansheng,WANG Sen,WANG Haibo*,and LI Linguang*   

  1. Shandong Institute of Pomology,Tai’an,Shandong 271000,China
  • Online:2020-08-25 Published:2020-08-25

摘要: 在中国引起苹果轮纹病的病原菌为葡萄座腔菌(Botryosphaeria dothidea),其主要通过自然孔口直接侵染苹果,并分泌细胞降解酶等使苹果组织降解以促进病菌的进一步侵染,而苹果可通过增强细胞壁的木质化、释放抗菌化合物以及产生免疫蛋白等抑制病菌。通过对苹果轮纹病的危害及病原菌种类、病菌侵染机制、苹果的抗性机制等方面的详细综述,为有效防治苹果轮纹病提供理论依据。

关键词: 苹果, 苹果轮纹病, 致病机理, 抗病机制

Abstract: In China,the pathogen causing apple ring rot disease is Botryosphaeria dothidea. This pathogen penetrates apples through natural orifices and secretes cell degrading enzymes to degrade the apple tissue and promote further infection. Apples can inhibit pathogen infection via the enhancement of cell wall lignification,release of antibacterial compounds,and production of immune proteins. Through a detailed review of the apple ring rot damage and pathogen types,pathogenesis mechanisms,and the resistance mechanisms of apples,this research systematically introduces apple ring rot resistance mechanisms and provides an important theoretical basis for effectively controlling this disease.

Key words: apple, apple ring rot, pathogenesis mechanism, resistance mechanism